Legislative Affairs Index - 1st Session - 40th Legislature

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CFSIS. See Child and Family Services Information System

Child and family services agencies. See also Foster care; Voices: Manitoba's Youth in Care Network

Case planning

MacDonald, 9

Mitchelson, 9

Children in care

Child fatalities, Children's Advocate review

MacDonald, 3

Mitchelson, 4


Howard, 12

MacDonald, 11-12

McFadyen, 11-12

Mitchelson, 11

Suicide statistics

MacDonald, 5

Mitchelson, 5

Youth in transition, age extension planning

MacDonald, 10

Mitchelson, 10-11

Special investigation reviews

Howard, 2

MacDonald, 3

Child and Family Services Authority

Recommendations, implementation timeline

MacDonald, 14

Mitchelson, 14

Social worker training

MacDonald, 8

Mitchelson, 8

Staff turnover

MacDonald, 8

Mitchelson, 8

Child and Family Services Information System

Usage, monitoring of

MacDonald, 11

Mitchelson, 11

Child and Family Services Standards Manual


MacDonald, 8

Mitchelson, 7

Child prostitution. See Children's Advocate office

Child Protection Branch

Three-year plan

MacDonald, 9

Mitchelson, 9

Child welfare. See Child and family services agencies; Foster care

Children's Advocate. See also Sinclair, Phoenix death

Annual report

March 31, 2009 and March 31, 2010 (combined report)

passed, 15

March 31, 2011

passed, 1

Opening remarks

Howard, 1-2

MacDonald, 2-3

Mitchelson, 2

Child fatalities, review

MacDonald, 3-4

Mitchelson, 4

Child prostitution cases, involvement with

Driedger, 14

MacDonald, 14

Mandate, scope of

MacDonald, 9-10

Mitchelson, 9

Public services, ease of use

MacDonald, 3-4

Mitchelson, 3-4


MacDonald, 14

Mitchelson, 14

Water safety recommendations

MacDonald, 13

McFadyen, 13

Commissioner of Elections. See Elections, Commissioner of


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