Legislative Affairs Index - 1st Session - 40th Legislature

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Legislative Affairs Index




Voting station locations, issues of

Verma, 30

Schuler, Ron (St. Paul) P.C.


Candidates, use of signs, 34-35

Elections Manitoba office

Campaign election documents, length of, 33

Points of order

P/O by Schuler requesting that it be made clear that the NDP voted against letting leader of the Green Party address committee, 29

Selinger, Hon. Gregory (St. Boniface) N.D.P.


Advance polls, access to, 18

Candidates, appreciation of, 18

Electronic voting, viability of, 30

Fixed election dates, 19

Volunteers, appreciation of, 18

Voting stations

Accessibility, 30-31

Elections (2011)

Voter turnout, increase recommendations, 29

Elections Act

Advisory committee members, 31

Elections Finances Act

Advisory committee members, 31

Plain-language revision, drafting of, 19

Elections Manitoba office

Annual reports

Opening remarks, 18-19

Returning officers, qualifications, 37

Staffing, recruitment concerns, 36-37

Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission

Membership, expansion of, 18

Sinclair, Phoenix death

Children's Advocate's role in public inquiry

MacDonald, 12-13

McFadyen, 12-13

Southern First Nations Network

Social workers, training of

MacDonald, 8

Suicide. See Youth suicides


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