Legislative Affairs Index - 1st Session - 40th Legislature

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Legislative Affairs Index



Verma, Shipra (Deputy Chief Electoral Officer)

Disabilities Issues Office

Elections Manitoba, consultations with, 36


Advance polls, access to, 37-38

Candidates, use of signs, 34-35

Effects of flooding, 21

Electronic voting, viability of, 30-31

Field staff statistics, 38

Voter identification requirements, 26

Voter turnout, 38

Voting stations

Accessibility, 31, 35-36

Schools, 30

Elections (2011)

Advance voting, evaluation, 20

Candidate nomination process, 20

Costs, 20

Electronic recordkeeping, development of, 20-21

Flooding, effect of, 21

Public education communications, 21

Voter lists, accuracy of, 20

Voter turnout, increase recommendations, 20, 30

Voting stations and hours of operation, 20

Elections, Commissioner of

Complaints, investigation resolutions, 39-40

Elections Act

Advisory committee members, 31

Elections Finances Act

Advisory committee members, 31

Elections Manitoba office

Annual reports

Opening remarks, 19-22

Campaign election documents, length of, 33

Campaign election documents, refiling requirements, 39

Constituency election, tie process, 40

David Asseltine, dismissal of, 23

Disabilities Issues Office, consultations with, 36

Documents, leaking of, 26

Enumeration process, evaluation of, 31-33

Enumerators, payment details, 31

Fixed election dates, consultations on, 26

Hamilton and Asseltine, cheque payment details, 23-26

High school students, hiring of, 21

Multiple residence complexes, campaigning in, 22

Political parties, compliance fund, 26

Question responses, timeliness of, 25-26

Returning officers, qualifications, 37-39

Revision period, shortening of, 22

Set election periods, 22

Staffing, recruitment concerns, 36-37

Tax registration period extension, 22

Your Power to Choose, education program, 21


Election, effect on, 21

Political parties

Anonymous cash donations, 33


Voting station locations, issues of, 30

Your Power to Choose

Elections Manitoba education program, 21

Voices: Manitoba's Youth in Care Network

Howard, 2


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