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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 1st Session - 40th Legislature

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Aboriginal child and family services agencies. See also specific agencies

Jewish Child and Family Service agency, consultations with

Gerrard, PB8

Leonoff, PB5-6

Aboriginal Child Welfare Initiative

Blady, PB7

Leonoff, PB6

Aboriginal employment opportunities

Manitoba Hydro

Thomson, CC40

Wuskwatim generating station

Thompson, CC38

Accel Towing. See Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation

Active transportation. See also Bicycle paths and riders

Government initiatives

McMahon, SED38

Active Transportation Advisory Board


Swanson, SED39

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Crown corporations, funding from

Graydon, CC29-30

Hodgins, CC159

Neufeld, CC30

Rondeau, CC30

Zubach, CC29-30

Gambling addiction programs, access to

Ashton, CC160

Ewasko, CC160-161

Mehmel, CC160-161

Adult abuse registry


Oswald, HR21

Affordable Energy Fund. See also Energy Savings Act

Housing retrofits, low-income use

Bernas, SED77

Pearce, SED75

Stewart, SED94

Neighbourhood renewal corporations, support for

Bernas, SED78

Affordable Utility Rate Accountability Act (Bill 18)

Proposed amendments

Miller, SED52-53

Public presentations

Beddome, SED43-44

Desorcy, SED42

Written submissions

Miller, SED50-54

Agencies, boards and commissions–appointments. See also Auditor General, annual reports; specific crown corporations

Conflicts of interest, concerns

Irvin-Ross, PA192

Stefanson, PA192

Deputy and assistant deputy ministers

Bellringer, PA193

Irvin-Ross, PA190-191

Pedersen, PA190

Expired terms, ministerial notice

Bellringer, PA193

Cramer, PA190

Gerrard, PA193

Government website, information accessibility

Bellringer, PA188

Cramer, PA189

Irvin-Ross, PA190

Stefanson, PA190

Member diversity, importance of

Helwer, PA192

Irvin-Ross, PA192

Marcelino, T., PA192

Member vacancies

Gerrard, PA191

Irvin-Ross, PA191


Bellringer, PA188-189

Cramer, PA191

Irvin-Ross, PA191-192

Pedersen, PA191-192

Term limits

Bellringer, PA189, PA191

Gerrard, PA191

Irvin-Ross, PA191, PA193

Aging in Place strategy

Funding requirements

Bellringer, PA93

Friesen, PA93

Supportive care spaces, need for

Driedger, PA86

Sussman, PA86

AIR MILES. See Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

Alcohol awareness programs. See Be the Influence; Be Undrunk; With Child-Without Alcohol; Youth & Alcohol Summit

Allan, Hon. Nancy (St. Vital) N.D.P.

Public Schools Amendment Act (Code of Conduct for School Trustees)

[Bill 21]


Clause 2, 35.2(4), SED110

passed, SED110

Opening remarks, SED109

Public Schools Amendment Act (Community Use of Schools)

[Bill 9]

Implementation compliance, HR21

Opening remarks, HR19

Restricted access for maintenance, HR20

User priorities and fees, HR19-21

School trustees

Sanction process, SED66, SED68

Special needs education

School divisions, diagnosis and funding applications, PA162

Allen, Leslie (Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation)

Brandon Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)

Housing, water and energy retrofits, SED59

Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Small grant funding, SED59

Community Renewal Act

[Bill 7]

Advisory council membership, SED59-60

Public presentation, SED59-60

Global Market (Brandon)

Neighbourhood renewal funding, SED59


Community initiative funding (Brandon), SED59

Allum, James (Fort Garry-Riverview) N.D.P.

Auditor General, follow-up reports, January 2012

Contaminated sites and landfills

Recommendations implementation, PA230

Auditor General, performance audits

Climate change, managing

Audit methodology, PA215-216

Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Secretariat (CMIS)

Federal consultations, PA37

Contaminated sites and landfills

Recommendations implementation, PA230

Greenhouse gas emissions

Adaptive capacity, building of, PA215

Personal Injury Protection Plan

Benefit appeal process, PA182

Special needs education

Life skills learning resources, need for, PA157-158

Parents, consultations with, PA157

Teachers, role and resources, PA156

Altemeyer, Rob (Wolseley) N.D.P.

Alternative energy

Geothermal maintenance requirements, SED72

Energy Savings Act

[Bill 24]


Clause 17(5), 125(5), SED114

passed, SED114

Manitoba Hydro

Power Smart programs, SED91

Alternative energy. See also Manitoba Hydro

Geothermal energy

Initiatives and policies

Sale, SED69

Maintenance requirements

Altemeyer, SED72

Chomiak, SED72

Robins, SED72

Pricing models

Maguire, SED91

Whelan Enns, SED91

Shale gas costs and contracts

Chomiak, SED70

Wind energy

Grid integration

Gerrard, CC51-52

Thomson, CC51-52

Project status and costs

Sale, SED69

Thomson, CC38-39, CC38-39

Whelan Enns, SED91

Alward, Sharon (University of Manitoba Faculty Association)

Protecting Affordability for University Students Act (Council on Post-Secondary Education Act Amended)

[Bill 2]

Professional degree programs, definition of, HR49

Public presentation, HR48-49

Three-year funding forecasts, HR48-49

Tuition fees, university autonomy concerns, HR49

University operating grants, HR49

Ambulance Services Act. See Auditor General, follow-up reports, January 2012

Ammoumou, Mohamed (Canadian Federation of Students Manitoba)

Protecting Affordability for University Students Act (Council on Post-Secondary Education Act Amended)

[Bill 2]

College students, exclusion of, HR41

Possible amendments, HR41-42

Public presentation, HR40-41

Tuition fee cap, exemption policies, HR41


Ancillary fee schedule, HR41

Anti-tobacco programs. See Create and Rate; Review and Rate; Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT); Tobacco use reduction

Appeal Commission and Medical Review Panel

Annual report

December 2009, CC57

passed, CC81

December 2010, CC57

Apprenticeship Awards of Distinction

Jakob, PB3

Apprenticeship Manitoba


Jakob, PB3

Apprenticeship Recognition Act


Bobbette, PB4

Jakob, PB2-3

Apprenticeship Recognition Act (Bill 212)

Opening remarks

Gaudreau, PB9

Public presentations

Bobbette, PB4

Jakob, PB2-3

Apprenticeship training. See also High School Apprenticeship Program

Earning potential

Jakob, PB3

Economic impact

Bobbette, PB4

Jakob, PB2


Bobbette, PB5

Gerrard, PB5

Hiring incentives

Jakob, PB3

Promotional advertising

Jakob, PB2

Art Research Technology (ART) Lab

Program audits

Farthing, PA68

Arte, Bilan (University of Manitoba Students' Union)

Protecting Affordability for University Students Act (Council on Post-Secondary Education Act Amended)

[Bill 2]

Possible amendments, HR34

Public presentation, HR31-33

Student associations, consultations with, HR33-34

Tuition fee cap, exemption policies, HR31-33

Tuition fees, inflation concerns, HR32

Ashton, Hon. Steve (Thompson) N.D.P.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Gambling addiction programs, access to, CC160

Assiniboia Downs

Video lottery terminal revenues, CC163

Bus transportation

Public sector investment, SED25


Responsible gaming centres, CC159-160

Gambling addictions

Access to programs, CC160

Increase, CC169

Harness racing industry

Funding inquiries, CC162-163

Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Inter-City Bus Service)

[Bill 5]

Opening remarks, SED48

Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Speed Limits in School Zones)

[Bill 3]

Association of Manitoba Municipalities, consultations with, SED23

Opening remarks, SED48

Liquor and lotteries merger, CC143, CC143, CC168-169, CC168-169

Manitoba Gambling Research Program

Funding, CC142

Manitoba Lotteries Corporation

Amateur sport initiatives, CC142

Bingo volunteer programs, CC145-146

Flight Deck program, CC142

Harness racing, support for, CC162-163

Opening remarks, CC141-143

Top employer recognition, CC142

Online gaming

Concerns with, CC163-164, CC170-171

Initiative, CC142

Projected revenue, CC142

Sports betting, availability of, CC167

True North Sports & Entertainment

Video lottery terminal revenues, CC149

Video lottery terminals

Replacements, CC142

Revenue commission

Assiniboia Downs, CC163

Municipal allocation, CC142

True North Sports & Entertainment, CC149

Winnipeg Jets

Flight Deck program, CC142

Asseltine, David. See Elections Manitoba office

Assiniboia Downs. See also Harness racing industry

Video lottery terminal revenues

Ashton, CC163

Graydon, CC163

Hodgins, CC156

Stefanson, CC156

Audette, Nicolas (University of St. Boniface Student Association)

Protecting Affordability for University Students Act (Council on Post-Secondary Education Act Amended)

[Bill 2]

College students, exclusion of, HR39

Professional degree programs, definition of, HR39

Public presentation, HR38-39

Tuition fee cap, exemption policies, HR39-40

Auditor General, annual reports

Agencies, boards and commissions-appointments

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA188-189

Cramer, PA189-190

Recommendations implementation

Gerrard, PA191-192

Irvin-Ross, PA191-193

Food safety

Opening statements

Bellringer, PA124

Sussman, PA126-128

Todd, PA124-126

Recommendations implementation

Bellringer, PA137

Pedersen, PA137

Personal Injury Protection Plan: Manitoba Public Insurance

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA165-166

McLaren, PA166-168

Special needs education

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA139-140

Farthing, PA140-141

Wireless network security

Follow-up reports

Bellringer, PA203

Pedersen, PA202-203

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA196

Hodgins, PA203-205

Sussman, PA196-197

Auditor General, follow-up reports, January 2012

Ambulance Services Act, monitoring compliance with, PA77

Contaminated sites and landfills

Opening remarks

McFadyen, L., PA231-232

Meier, PA228

Recommendations implementation

Allum, PA230

Cullen, PA230-231

Gerrard, PA229

Meier, PA229-230

Struthers, PA230-231

Derivative financial instruments, use of

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA109-110

Clarkson, PA110

Recommendations implementation

Bellringer, PA112

Helwer, PA111-112

Risk management consultations

Bellringer, PA112

Helwer, PA112

Risk mitigation areas

Clarkson, PA110

Stefanson, PA110

Environmental Livestock Program

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA226

Meier, PA226-227

Recommendations implementation

Gerrard, PA227

Meier, PA227

Legislative reviews, mandatory

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA113

Clarkson, PA113

Members' Allowances Program

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA186-187

passed, PA188

Personal Care Homes Program, PA77

Pharmacare Program, PA77

Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Reporting–Section 9

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA117

Clarkson, PA117

Recommendations implementation

Clarkson, PA120

Helwer, PA120

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Administration of the Value-Added Policy, PA77

Auditor General, follow-up reports, March 2011

Keewatin Community College,

Investment in information technology

Opening remarks

Farthing, PA57-58

Maintenance Branch, Manitoba Housing

Opening remarks

Cramer, PA43-44

Maintenance Enforcement Program

Opening remarks

Schnoor, PA51-52

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA42

Public Housing Program

Committee recommendations

Cramer, PA48

Rowat, PA48

Opening remarks

Cramer, PA43-44

Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology

Information technology audit

Opening remarks

Farthing, PA57-58

Student Financial Assistance Program

Opening remarks

Farthing, PA70-72

University of Winnipeg

Investment in Information Technology

Opening remarks

Farthing, PA57-58

University of Winnipeg, financial review

Opening remarks

Farthing, PA57-58

Well water quality, protection of

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA223

Meier, PA224-225

Auditor General, government operations audits

Members' Allowances

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA186-187

passed, PA188

Personal Care Homes Program

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA78-79

Driedger, PA80

Auditor General, performance audits. See also Public Accounts, audits of

Climate change, managing, PA211

Audit methodology

Allum, PA215-216

Bellringer, PA216, PA221

Meier, PA221

Pedersen, PA221

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA212

Meier, PA212-213

Recommendations implementation

Cullen, PA220

Meier, PA220-222

Pedersen, PA221-222

Auditor General reports

Canada's Economic Action Plan, Manitoba's participation

passed, PA73

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA70

Farthing, PA67-69

McFadyen, L., PA23

Ricard, PA23

Auditor General's office

Audits, decisions for

Bellringer, PA4

Braun, PA4

Audits, estimates

Bellringer, PA8-9

Stefanson, PA8

Consulting services management audits

Bellringer, PA8-9

Stefanson, PA8-9

Government departments, mismanagement allegations

Bellringer, PA9-10

Stefanson, PA9

Internal auditors, relationships with

Bellringer, PA5

Braun, PA5

Operations of the Office, March 31, 2010

passed, PA12

Accounting method standards

Bellringer, PA2, PA7

Helwer, PA7

Emissions target levels

Bellringer, PA4

Stefanson, PA4-5

Opening remarks

Bellringer, PA2

Operations of the Office, March 31, 2011

passed, PA12

Reports, Auditor General's advisor role

Bellringer, PA2

Autism spectrum disorder

Diagnosis increase

Bellringer, PA153

Gerrard, PA153

Auto theft


Gerrard, CC120

McLaren, CC120

Autobody shops

I-Car certification method contract

Helwer, CC108-109

McLaren, CC109-110

Automobile Injury Mediation Office

Pilot program evaluation

Swan, CC84

Aviation. See International Interests in Mobile Equipment Act (Aircraft Equipment)

Axworthy, Lloyd (Private Citizen)

Opportunity Fund, HR44

Post-secondary education

Facility competiveness, HR44

Low-income students, accessibility, HR44

Protecting Affordability for University Students Act (Council on Post-Secondary Education Act Amended)

[Bill 2]

Public presentation, HR43-45

Tuition fees, university autonomy concerns, HR43, HR46


Ancillary fee schedule, HR44-45

University of Winnipeg

Funding comparisons, HR45

Low-income students, accessibility, HR44, HR46


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