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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 40th Legislature

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Aboriginal self governance. See Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Act

Achtemichuk, Brent (Dairy Farmers of Manitoba)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 71)

Written submissions, SED183

Addictions services. See Community Financial Counselling Services; Marymound

Adoption Amendment and Vital Statistics Amendment Act (Opening Birth and Adoption Records) (Bill 59)

Health records, sharing of

Stanley, SED37-38

Opening statements

Wishart, SED40

Public presentations

Kading, SED39

Stanley, SED37-38

Adult offenders. See Auditor General's report-Annual Report to the Legislature, March 2014: Chapter 6-Managing the Province's Adult Offenders

Advanced Education Administration Amendment and Council on Post-Secondary Education Repeal Act (Bill 63)


Clause 10

Ewasko, SED74

Clause 11

Ewasko, SED74-75

COPSE mandate

Kucera, SED56

COPSE, council responsibilities

Johnstone, SED54-55

COPSE, dissolving of

Fleisher, SED62

Opening statements

Allum, SED73

Ewasko, SED73-74

Public presentations

Arte, SED59-61

Fleisher, SED62-63

Grant, SED47-48

Guilford, SED53

Guse, SED56

Johnstone, SED54-55

Kucera, SED56-57

MacLean, SED66-67

McLeod Arnould, SED64-65

Student representation

Arte, SED60-61

Fleisher, SED62-63

McLeod Arnould, SED64-65

Written submissions

Barnard, SED77

Rempel, SED77-78

Agriculture industry. See Environment Amendment Act (Reducing Pesticide Exposure)

Airports. See Auditor General's report-Annual Report to the Legislature, March 2014:Chapter 9-Northern Airports and Marine Operations

Aitken, Randy (Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 71)

Pharmaceutical agents, use of in animals, SED173

Public presentations, SED173

ALL Aboard strategy. See Manitoba Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy (ALL Aboard)

All Nations Coordinated Response Network (ANCR). See Follow-up of December 2006 report, Auditor General's report: Audit of the Child and Family Services Division Pre-Devolution

Allan, Nancy (St. Vital) NDP

Real Estate Services Act (Bill 70)

Realtor remuneration negotiations, SED187

Allum, Hon. James (Fort Garry-Riverview) NDP

Advanced Education Administration Amendment and Council on Post-Secondary Education Repeal Act (Bill 63)

Opening statements, SED73

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology Act (Bill 58)

Opening statements, SED72

Public Schools Amendment Act (Connecting Schools to the Internet) (Bill 37)

Opening statements, SED71

Ambulance service. See also Auditor General's report-Annual Report to the Legislature, March 2014: Chapter 4-Helicopter Ambulance Program

Anderson, Nancy (Private Citizen)

Environment Amendment Act (Reducing Pesticide Exposure) (Bill 55)

Health effects, IA44

Public presentations, IA44-45

Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month Act (Bill 214)

Public presentations, SED152-154

Andrushuk, Erin (SWAT-Students Working Against Tobacco)

Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act (Prohibitions of Flavoured Tobacco and Other Amendments) (Bill 52)

Public presentations, JU43

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 71)

Barn building upgrades

Gerrard, SED169

Kynoch, SED169

Biosecurity protocols

Battershill, SED175

Kynoch, SED168-169

Biosecurity, plants

Battershill, SED176

Wishart, SED176

Entry powers

Battershill, SED176

Health surveillance

Battershill, SED176

Kynoch, SED168-169

Opening statements

Kostyshyn, SED179

Wishart, SED179

Pharmaceutical agents, use of in animals

Aitken, SED173

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV)

Kynoch, SED168-169

Public presentations

Aitken, SED173

Battershill, SED175-177

Kynoch, SED168-169

Rybuck, SED174

Reportable diseases

Kynoch, SED168-169

Rybuck, SED174

Transport trailers, cleaning of

Kynoch, SED170

Treatment and disposal of animals

Battershill, SED176

Written submissions

Achtemichuk, SED183

German, SED180-183

Reimer, SED180-183

Auditor General's report-Annual Report to the Legislature, January 2013

Chapter 4: Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Program

Day care centres

Capital project finding

Cohen, PA19-20

Rowat, PA19-20

Child care subsidy eligibility, Revenue Canada

Cramer, PA23

Gerrard, PA23

Early childhood education integration programs

Cramer, PA22

Gerrard, PA22

Funding for spaces

Cramer, PA23

Gerrard, PA23

Funding, wait time for

Cramer, PA18

Rowat, PA18

Licensed spaces, funding for

Cramer, PA17-18

Rowat, PA17-18

Provisional licences

Cramer, PA22

Rowat, PA22

Opening statements

Bellringer, PA16-17

Apprenticeship Employment Opportunities Act (Public Works Contracts) (Bill 33)


Clause 7

Oswald, HR47

Stefanson, HR46-47

Opening statements

Oswald, HR46

Stefanson, HR46

Apprenticeship Employment Opportunities Act (Public Works Contracts) Bill 33)

Public presentations

Guilford, HR30-31

Arte, Bilan (Canadian Federation of Students, Manitoba)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment and Council on Post-Secondary Education Repeal Act (Bill 63)

Public presentations, SED59-61

Student representation, SED60-61

Arthur-Virden, RM of. See Elections Manitoba office

Ashton, Hon. Steve (Thompson) NDP

Churchill Arctic Port Canada Act (Bill 21)


Clause 15.1, HR45

Clause 6, HR42-43

Clause 7, HR44

OmniTRAX, HR28

Opening statements, HR41

Atkins, Melissa (Private Citizen)

Environment Amendment Act (Reducing Pesticide Exposure) (Bill 55)

Public presentations, IA9

Audit of the Public Accounts, Auditor General's report

 March 31, 2011, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4, PA49-74

 March 31, 2012, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4, PA49-74

 March 31, 2013, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4, PA49-74

BBB Stadium Inc. loan

Hrichishen, PA66, PA68

Martin, PA66, PA67-68

Consolidation impact

Bellringer, PA70-71

Friesen, PA69-71

Hrichishen, PA69-71

Core government expenditures

Friesen, PA59

Hrichishen, PA59

Debt repayment

Friesen, PA51-52

Howard, PA52

Hrichishen, PA51-52, PA55

Martin, PA55

Debt repayment, economic recovery period

Friesen, PA55

Howard, PA55

Debt repayment, fixed/floating rates

Hrichishen, PA57

Martin, PA57

Debt Retirement Account

Bellringer, PA60

Friesen, PA56, PA60

Howard, PA55

Hrichishen, PA55, PA56, PA60

Martin, PA55

Federal Equalization Payments

Friesen, PA67

Hrichishen, PA67

Fiscal Stabilization Account

Bellringer, PA58-59

Friesen, PA57-58

Hrichishen, PA58-59

Flood costs

Friesen, PA54

Hrichishen, PA54

Manitoba Hydro

Bellringer, PA63-64

Gerrard, PA63

Hrichishen, PA63

Open-source revenue

Friesen, PA67

Hrichishen, PA67-68

Other Appropriations (XXVII)

Description of

Bellringer, PA53

Friesen, PA52-53

Hrichishen, PA52-53

Tangible Capital Assets

Hrichishen, PA61

Pedersen, PA61

Tenders, threshold for

Friesen, PA73

Hrichishen, PA73

Auditor General's report-Annual Report to the Legislature, March 2014

Chapter 1: Accounts and Financial Statements-Section 10 Annual Report

Capital assets, amortization

Gerrard, PA136-137

Shtykalo, PA136-137

Opening statements

Hrichishen, PA122-123

Ricard, PA122

Quarterly reports, timeliness of

Ricard, PA130-132

Schuler, PA130-132

Chapter 3: Government Deficits and Debt

Deficit reduction plan

Hrichishen, PA124

Pedersen, PA124

Fiscal sustainability, framework for

Hrichishen, PA126-127

Stefanson, PA126-127

Opening statements

Hrichishen, PA122-123

Quarterly reports, timeliness of

Hrichishen, PA125-126

Pedersen, PA125-126

Ricard, PA125-126, PA130-132

Schuler, PA130-132

Revenue projections

Helwer, PA132-133

Hrichishen, PA132-133

Pedersen, PA132-133

Chapter 4: Helicopter Ambulance Program

Clinical Oversight Panel

Driedger, PA97

Herd, PA97

Clinical Oversight Panel, members of

Friesen, PA102

Herd, PA102

Feasibility study (2009)

Driedger, PA92

Herd, PA92

Fixed and variable costs

Driedger, PA93

Herd, PA93-94

Interfacility patient transfers

Reintroduction of service

Driedger, PA97

Herd, PA97

Opening statements

Herd, PA90-91

Ricard, PA89-90

Procurement manual

Ewasko, PA101

Herd, PA101-102

Reporting policy

Driedger, PA100

Herd, PA100

Service during flooding

Driedger, PA98

Herd, PA98-99

Tendering process

Driedger, PA99

Ewasko, PA101

Herd, PA99-100, PA101

Termination of contract

Driedger, PA96

Ricard, PA96

Transports per year

Driedger, PA93

Herd, PA93

Value-for-money requirements

Driedger, PA100

Herd, PA100

Volume projections

Driedger, PA94

Herd, PA94

Chapter 6: Managing the Province's Adult Offenders

Bed shortfall update

Goertzen, PA11

Miller, PA111

Bed space, demand for

Goertzen, PA112

Miller, PA112

Block by Block program

Miller, PA114

Wight, PA114

Capacity Review Committee

Goertzen, PA112

Miller, PA112

Curfew monitoring

Goertzen, PA118

Miller, PA118

Dauphin Correctional Centre

Construction update

Miller, PA113

Pedersen, PA112

Location of

Goertzen, PA112

Miller, PA112

Gang members, identification of

Goertzen, PA109-110

Miller, PA109-110

Housing, adequacy of

Goertzen, PA110

Miller, PA110-111

Mental health assessments

Goertzen, PA114

Miller, PA114

Mental health, annual prescription costs

Goertzen, PA113-114

Miller, PA113-114

Opening statements

Ricard, PA105-107

Probation, drug testing for individuals

Goertzen, PA117-118

Miller, PA118

Recidivism calculations

Gerrard, PA117

Miller, PA117

Recidivism, length of

Goertzen, PA119

Miller, PA119

Rehabilitation programs, centralization of

Gerrard, PA117

Miller, PA117

Remand numbers

Gerrard, PA116

Miller, PA116

Serious incident reporting

Goertzen, PA109

Miller, PA109

Ricard, PA109

Transgendered inmate accommodations

Miller, PA113

Schuler, PA113

Video conferencing

Miller, PA115

Wight, PA114

Chapter 7: Manitoba's Framework for an Ethical Environment

Civil servants

Orientation program costs

Pedersen, PA155-156

Ricard, PA156

Romeo, PA156

Conflict of interest declaration

Assistant deputy ministers

Gerrard, PA151

Romeo, PA151

Conflict of interest policy

Gerrard, PA150-151

Romeo, PA150-151

Ethical misconduct

Allegation tracking, reporting of

Gerrard, PA150

Romeo, PA150

Anonymous disclosure reporting

Ricard, PA146

Romeo, PA145-146

Schuler, PA145-146

Implementation of policies

Helwer, PA154-155

Romeo, PA152-155

Schuler, PA152-155

Retaliation for reporting

Ricard, PA142-145

Romeo, PA145, PA148-149

Schuler, PA142-145, PA148-149

Internal fraud exposure evaluations

Recommendation update

Gerrard, PA149

Romeo, PA149

Opening statements

Ricard, PA139-140

Romeo, PA140-142

Chapter 9: Northern Airports and Marine Operations

Expenses, online monitoring of

McNeil, PA86

Wiebe, PA85-86

Opening statements

McNeil, PA79-80

Wirth, PA79-80

Procurement cards, fraudulent activity

Cullen, PA83-84

Gerrard, PA84-85

McNeil, PA81-87

Schuler, PA80-82

T. Marcelino, PA87

Wirth, 87, PA80-82

Auditor General's report: Annual Report to the Legislature, January 2013

Chapter 2:Citizen Concerns Part 2-Disaster Financial Assistance

Conflict of interest policy

Briese, PA77

McNeil, PA77

Conflict of interest, new employee training

Cullen, PA78

McNeil, PA78

Opening statements

McNeil, PA76-77

Wirth, PA77

Auditor General's report: Operations of the Office, March 31, 2013

Non-agency audit fees

Bellringer, PA48

Gerrard, PA48

Opening statements

Bellringer, PA48

Auditor General's report: Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, August 2013

Conflict of interest policy

Meier, 45, PA43

Pedersen, PA43

Emergency measures, ditch repair monies

Bellringer, PA45

Gerrard, PA45

Opening statements

Bellringer, PA42

Meier, PA42-43

Auditor General's report: Rural Municipality of St. Clements, June 2012

Disposition of assets policy

Meier, PA40

Pedersen, PA40

Feasibility studies

Capital projects

Meier, PA39

Pedersen, PA39

Municipal bylaws

Meier, PA39-40

Pedersen, PA39-40


Ewasko, PA41

Meier, PA41

Opening statements

Bellringer, PA38

Auditor General's reports. See also Follow-up reports

Avanthay, Kim (Lymphedema Association of Manitoba)

Lymphedema Awareness Day Act (Bill 209)

Public presentations, SED129-130

Axworthy, Lloyd (Churchill Gateway Development Corporation)

Churchill Arctic Port Canada Act (Bill 21)

Churchill Gateway Development Corporation, HR26

OmniTRAX, HR26-29

Public presentations, HR26-27


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