Fourth Session - Forty First Legislature


Committees Index

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[Appendix A - Chairpersons]

[Appendix B - Public Presenters/Crown Corporations Staff]

[Appendix C - Schedules]


Committee Indexes

  • Justice --Family Law, Employment Standards, Law Enforcement, Manitoba Public Insurance, Public Health, Highway Traffic Amendments, Provincial Court, Correctional Services, Public Guardian and Trustee Act

  • Legislative Affairs --Committee considers annual reports for the Children's Advocate, Elections Manitoba, Judicial Compensation Committee, Appointments and hiring of the Ombudsman, Auditor General, Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Lobbyist Registrar, Chief Electoral Officer, Information and Privacy Adjudicator

  • Private Bills --Private Bills are something which cannot be obtained by means of the general law and are founded by means of a petition from an individual or group. Examples of Private Bills include awareness day acts for various causes relating to health, animals or workers; human and consumer rights and the incorporation of hospitals and foundations

  • Public Accounts --Auditor General reports, follow-up reports and annual reports to the legislature

  • Social and Economic Development --Consideres matters relating to boards and committees, arts and culture sector, trade, public service, minimum wage, poverty reduction, securites and pension plans

Bills / Auditor General Reports / Annual Reports