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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 4th Session - 41st Legislature

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Addiction treatment services

Cannabis revenue

Fontaine, JU24-25

Affordable/social housing

Construction pending

Smith, B., SED8-9

Stefanson, SED8-9

Deferred maintenance

Smith, B., SED10

Stefanson, SED10


Stefanson, SED2

Municipalities, transfers to

Smith, B., SED13

Stefanson, SED13

Private sector, sales to

Smith, B., SED11-12

Stefanson, SED11-12

Units built

Smith, B., SED7

Stefanson, SED7

All Aboard Strategy. See Manitoba Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy (All Aboard)

Allison, Cassidy (Private Citizen)

Mental Health Amendment and Personal Health Information Amendment Act (Bill 5)

Public presentations, JU40-41

Allum, James (Fort Garry-Riverview) NDP

An Act concerning the Leasing of 800 Adele Avenue, Winnipeg (Bill 32)

Status of children in care, SED33

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC)

Qualified audit opinion, PA7

Workers Compensation Board

Control indicators, definition of, PA8

Qualified audit opinion, PA8

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba

Bewski, JU43

An Act concerning the Leasing of 800 Adele Avenue, Winnipeg (Bill 32)

Damage to building

Cranwill, SED57

Lease agreement irregularities

Petti, SED32

Lease agreement renegotiation

Petti, SED32

Lease agreement, termination of

Bueti, SED61

Cranwill, SED57-58

Panchhi, SED66

Pinx, SED66

Lease length

Bueti, SED61

Lease length, reason for

Cranwill, SED58

Price per square footage

Cranwill, SED58-59

Public presentations

Bhullar, SED51

Bueti, SED60-62

Chahal, K., SED48

Chahal, R., SED83

Cranwill, SED55-57

D'Andrea, SED43-45

Dhaliwal, SED33-34

Dhillon, SED68

Flette, SED40-42

Gill, D., SED30-31

Gill, J., SED72

Greenberg, SED63

Haftani, SED81-82

Hill, SED52-54

Humphreys, SED64

Kelburn Recovery Centre, SED43-45

Loughrin, SED29-30

Mangat, G., SED78-80

Mangat, P.S., SED76

McKay, SED35

Morduhovich, SED73-75

Panchhi, SED65-66

Petti, SED31-32

Pinx, SED69-71

Sandhu, SED38-39

Sehajpal, SED37

Singh, A., SED50

Singh, B., SED49

Singh, J., SED46-47

Singh, M., SED38

Singh, T., SED50

Southern First Nations Network of Care, SED31-32

Status of children in care

Allum, SED33

Helwer, SED33

Petti, SED33

Association of Manitoba Municipalities. See Municipal Amendment Act (Strengthening Codes of Conduct for Council Members)

Auditor General's Report-Public Accounts and Other Financial Statement Audits, August 2018

Interchange agreements

Bindle, PA20-21

Hrichishen, PA20-21

Opening statements

Hrichishen, PA3-4

Ricard, PA2-3

Auditor General's Report-Understanding our Audit Opinion on Manitoba's March 31, 2018 Summary Financial Statements, September 2018

Opening statements

Hrichishen, PA3-4

Ricard, PA2-3


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