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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 4th Session - 42nd Legislature

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Accessibility for Manitobans Act. See Health Services Insurance Act, The Pharmaceutical Act and Various Corporate Statutes, An Act respecting Amendments to The

Ahmad, Aalya (Private Citizen)

Non-disclosure agreements

Canadian Union of Postal Workers case, LA54-55

Labour organizations, use in, LA55, LA57

Non-disparagement clauses, LA54, LA56

Non-Disclosure Agreements Act (Bill 225)

Public presentations, LA54-56

Allen, Candide (Private Citizen)

Non-Disclosure Agreements Act (Bill 225)

Public presentations, LA63-64

Altomare, Nello (Transcona) NDP

Jewish Heritage Month Act (Bill 240)

Opening statements, SED76-77

Social Services Appeal Board Amendment Act (Bill 13)

Opening statements, SED74

Teachers' Pensions Amendment Act (Bill 208)

Opening statements, SED76

Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund board

Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba representation on, SED76

Alyssa Stevenson Eating Disorder Memorial Trust. See Eating Disorders Awareness Week Act

Arts and culture sector. See Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation

Asagwara, Uzoma (Union Station) NDP

Health Services Insurance Act, The Pharmaceutical Act and Various Corporate Statutes, An Act respecting Amendments to The (Bill 10)

Accessibility for Manitobans Act requirement, SED8

Electronic meetings, organization bylaws re: accessibility, SED9-10

Opening statements, SED10-11

Pharmacist COVID-19 point-of-care testing, SED10

Association of Manitoba Municipalities. See Environment Amendment Act (Pesticide Restrictions); Municipal Assessment Amendment and Municipal Board Amendment Act

Atwal, Manny (Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries)

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Alcohol market revenue and layoffs, CC42

Annual Report, March 31, 2021

Opening statements, CC22-25

Bill 40 (42nd-3rd), CC36-39

Cannabis distribution model review, CC43

Cannabis market, oversaturation, CC35-36

Cannabis retailers, number of, CC36

Cannabis revenue projections, CC35

Cannabis sales (online), CC24

Casino customers, impact of iGaming on, CC33

Casinos, COVID-19 protocols, CC27

Controlled entrance program, CC24

Controlled entrance program--northern Manitoba, CC31

Deferred expenses, CC29

Employee COVID-19 cases, number of, CC25

Employee layoffs due to pandemic, CC23, CC27

Equity and inclusion programs, CC25

GameSense, CC43-44

Gaming revenue losses, CC23, CC28

Gaming review update, CC40

Grey market gambling, size of, CC31

Hybrid work model, adoption of, CC25

IGaming, CC23

IGaming market, CC31-32

IGaming, marketing and promotion, CC33-34

KN95 mask distribution, CC40-41

Liquor distribution centre move to King Edward St., CC24

Liquor distribution centre, sale of Buffalo Place, CC24, CC41

Liquor Mart vendor sales, decrease in, CC24

Liquor Marts, COVID-19 protocols, CC26

Liquor sales and volume, increase in, CC23, CC30

Liquor supply chain issues, CC24, CC36-37

Net income for 2020-2021, CC22-23

Panic buying and hoarding, CC23-24


General comments, CC32

Increase in registered players, CC23

Legalization of sports betting, CC34-35

Social responsibility, CC34

Problem gambling monitoring, CC43

Real estate locations, future plans to sell, CC41-42

Revenue projections, CC30-31

Social responsibility, CC24, CC43-44

Sports betting revenue, CC31-32

Staff redeployments, CC28

Staffing challenges due to pandemic, CC25-26

Auditor General Reports

Annual Report and Public Accounts, March 31, 2020 and 2021

Opening statements

Groen, PA46-48

Shtykalo, PA45-46

Department of Infrastructure: Oversight of Commercial Vehicle Safety, December 2019

Opening statements

Shtykalo, PA85

Thiele, PA85-86

Follow-up of Recommendations (Management of MRI Services), March 2019-2021, PA23-44

Opening statements

Herd, PA25

Shtykalo, PA24

Management of Foster Homes, November 2019, PA4-21

Follow-up report, timeline for

Michaleski, PA18-19

Shtykalo, PA19

Opening statements

Dubik, PA6-8

Shtykalo, PA4-6

Management of MRI Services, April 2017, PA23-44

Physicians' Billings, January 2021, PA77-84

Opening statements

Groen, PA78

Shtykalo, PA77-78

Vital Statistics Agency, September 2020

Opening statements

Shtykalo, PA66

Sinclair, PA66

Aurora Family Therapy Centre. See Police Services Amendment Act (Enhancing Independent Investigation Unit Operations); Police Services Amendment and Law Enforcement Review Amendment Act


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