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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 5th Session - 42nd Legislature

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AAAAA Supercraft Cannabis. See Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Amendment Act (Social Responsibility Fee Repealed)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 237)


Clause 4

Micklefield, SED267-268


Clause 4

Micklefield, SED267

Coming-into-force date

Micklefield, SED267

Opening statements

Micklefield, SED266-267

Moses, SED267

Public presentations

Anderson, K., SED259-260

Greco, SED248-250

Providence University College and Theological Seminary, SED248-250

Alcohol use

Social costs of

Kusmack, SED235

Peterson, SED222

All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba. See Off-Road Trails Safety and Maintenance Act

All-terrain vehicle (ATV)

Club funding

Hora, LA42

Safe rider training for youth

Hora, LA42

Seperate trails for ATVs and ORVs

Hora, LA43

Lindsey, LA43

Trail system development

Hora, LA43

Lindsey, LA43

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba. See Builders' Liens Amendment Act (Prompt Payment)

Altomare, Nello (Transcona) NDP

Education Administration Amendment Act (Teacher Certification and Professional Conduct) (Bill 35)


Clause 5, SED178

Clause 8 section 8.14(4), SED181-182

Clause 8 section 8.22, SED179

Clause 8 section 8.24, SED183

Clause 8 section 8.25(2), SED179

Clause 8 section 8.32, SED180

Clause 8 section 8.34, SED180

Clause 8 section 8.8(2)(a), SED181

Commissioner, education background, SED177

Hearing panel composition, SED64, SED136

Opening statements, SED177-178

Significant emotional harm, definition of, SED76, SED79

Substitute teachers, concern for, SED142

Union representation, SED168

Personal Care Home Accountability Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 238)

Opening statements, SED269

Personal-care homes

Dementia and Alzheimers, staff training needed, SED258

Staff turnover, SED258

Providence University College and Theological Seminary

Work-integrated learning, SED250

Public Schools Amendment Act (Nutrition Programs) (Bill 222)

Nutrition programs, number of, SED265

Opening statements, SED265-266

An Act respecting the Title "Associate Judge" (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 218)


Clause 67

Fontaine, SED265

Goertzen, SED264-265

Coming-into-force date

Fontaine, SED264

Goertzen, SED264

Opening statements

Fontaine, SED263

Goertzen, SED263-264

Anderson, Kenton (Private Citizen)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 237)

Public presentations, SED259-260

Providence University College and Theological Seminary

Work-integrated learning, SED259

Anderson, Michael (Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc.)

First Nation safety officers

Funding for, JU18

Peace officer status, JU14-15

Police Services Amendment Act (Bill 34)

Public presentations, JU15-17

Animal Care Amendment Act (2) (Bill 31)

Animal Care Appeal Board

Frivolous or vexatious claims, ability to deny

Mahoney, LA75

Time limit for appeals

Mahoney, LA74

Animal Care Regulation Livestock markets and assembling stations

Removal of daily/weekly reporting

Mahoney, LA75

Notice of appeals

Mahoney, LA74-75

Opening statements

Brar, LA95

Johnson, LA95

Public presentations

Dahl, LA75

Keystone Agricultural Producers, LA74-75

Mahoney, LA74-75

Manitoba Pork Council, LA75

Written submissions

Animal Justice, LA99-101

Mitchell, LA99-101

Nepinak, LA101-102

Animal Care Amendment Act (Bill 213)

Opening statements

Fontaine, SED12-13

Khan, SED11

Animal Justice. See Animal Care Amendment Act (2)

Animikii Ozoson Child and Family Services Inc. See Child and Family Services (Indigenous Jurisdiction and Related Amendments), An Act respecting

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. See Police Services Amendment Act

Association of Manitoba Municipalities. See Police Services Amendment Act

ATV. See All-terrain vehicle

Atwal, Manny (Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation)

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries

Annual report, March 31, 2022

Opening statements, 34-36

Black market sales, plan to address, CC47-48

Buffalo Place, sale of, CC50

Cannabis market, oversaturation, CC48

Cannabis stor closures, number of, CC49

Controlled entrace improvements, CC35

Controlled entraces, theft prevention rate, CC37

Cost of security at locations, CC50-51

Craft beer industry revenues, CC37

Craft brewing strategy, CC37

Customer feedback re: selection and sales locations, CC51

Customer satisfaction, CC40

Diversity, equity and inclusion committee, CC35, CC39-40

Employee retention and recruitment, CC35

FTEs, number of, CC37

Gaming income, CC34-35

Hybrid work model, CC49-50

Large venues and local vendors, CC37

Liquor home delivery services, CC35

Liquor licences, limit on, CC47

Liquor revenues, CC35

Liquor sales, privatization, CC42-43

Local products sold at locations, CC36-37

Lotteries deficit 2021-2022, CC51

MLC Holdings Incorporated, CC37

Net income for 2021-2022, CC34

Net income for 2022-2023, CC50

Online gaming expansion, CC51

Online gaming, black market, CC51-52

Online gaming, market share, CC51-52

Profit margins, how they are calculated, CC41-42

Remote work, number of employees working, CC49

Social responsibility budget and spending, CC36

Social responsibility budget carried forward, CC36, CC44-45

Social responsibility program spending for 2022-2023, CC45

Social responsibility revenue from cannabis, CC46

Social responsibility revenue, programs funded, CC36, CC44

TRC subcommittee, CC36

VLT replacement, CC35, CC53

VLT replacement, cost of, CC54

VLT revenue, CC53

VLT's, First Nation allocations, CC55-56

PlayNow.com, CC52

Western Canada Lottery Corporation, CC51

Auditor General Reports

Aging Information Systems, February 2022

Central monitoring

Chung, PA27

Michaleski, PA27

ICT asset condition reporting

Dunford, PA19

Integrated controls

Chung, PA27

Michaleski, PA27

IT asset condition reports

Dunford, PA26

Lindsey, PA26

IT assets, tracking of

Dunford, PA26

Lamont, PA26

New and emerging threats

Chung, PA24

Martin, PA23-24

Snell, PA24

Opening statements

Dunford, PA18-19

Shtykalo, PA17-18

Siragusa, PA20-21

Risk assessment, update on

Dunford, PA21

Lindsey, PA21

Risk management

Shtykalo, PA18

Shared infrastructure, monitoring across departments

Chung, PA22

Isleifson, PA22

Follow-Up of Previously Issued Recommendations (Quarry Rehabilitation Program Investigation), March 2023

Opening statements

Shtykalo, PA29-30

Stevenson, PA30-31

Information Systems, Privileged Access, October 2022

"Blanket approach" definition of

Dunford, PA23

Lamont, PA23

Commercial software management

Michaleski, PA24

Snell, PA24-25

Deployed automated solutions and commercial solutions

Michaleski, PA24

Snell, PA24

Interprovincial systems

Dunford, PA22

Lindsey, PA22

IT assets, department collaboration

Chung, PA23

Lindsey, PA23

Opening statements

Dunford, PA18-19

Shtykalo, PA17-18

Siragusa, PA20-21

Privileged access controls

Chung, LA26-27

Dunford, PA19

Lindsey, LA26

Privileged access rights, unauthorized access

Shtykalo, PA18

Risk assessments and data migration

Chung, PA22

Lindsey, PA21-22

Shared Health, approved access list

Siragusa, PA20

Shared Health, compliance audit process

Lamont, PA26

Snell, PA26

Shared Health, data protection

Martin, PA25-26

Snell, PA26

Shared Health, IT funding

Lamont, PA23

Snell, PA23

Shared Health, privileged user verification

Siragusa, PA20-21

Shared Health, user access

Lamont, PA27

Siragusa, PA20

Snell, PA28

Shared Health, user activity logs

Siragusa, PA21

Quarry Rehabilitation Program Investigation, May 2020

Annual levies collected

Stevenson, PA30

Contracts, public disclosure

Lamont, PA39

Stevenson, PA39-40

Crown and municipal quarries

Stevenson, PA38

Wishart, PA38

Crown land rehabilitation, follow-up

Lindsey, PA42

Stevenson, PA42

Crown quarries, assessment ranking

Stevenson, PA36

Crown quarries, number of

Lindsey, PA37

Martn, PA36

Stevenson, PA36, PA37

Engineering reports

Lindsey, PA32

Stevenson, PA32

Engineering studies, Crown land rehabilitation and liabilities

Stevenson, PA34

Engineering vacancies

Stevenson, PA30-31

Equipment and technology used

Martin, PA36

Stevenson, PA36-37

Implementation of recommendations

Isleifson, PA32

Stevenson, PA32-33

Inspector training

Lindsey, PA31

Stevenson, PA31-32

Inspectors, number of

Brar, PA35

Stevenson, PA35

New system, plan for

Michaleski, PA40

Stevenson, PA40

Opening statements

Shtykalo, PA29-30

Stevenson, PA30-31

Private and municipal application process

Stevenson, PA32

Private land program

Stevenson, PA30

Private land rehabilitation, follow-up

Lindsey, PA41

Stevenson, PA41-42

Private quarries, number of

Stevenson, PA37-38

Progressive rehabiliation

Stevenson, PA38

Wishart, PA38

Quarry rehabilitation levy

Stevenson, PA36

Quarry returns

Brar, PA39

Lamont, PA42

Stevenson, PA39, PA42

Rehabilitation fund

Lamont, PA36

Stevenson, PA36

Risk assessment, large vs. small sites

Lamont, PA42

Stevenson, PA42-43

Risk assessments

Lamont, PA35

Stevenson, PA35-36

Salary and administration costs

Lamont, PA39

Stevenson, PA39

Spot audits

Smook, PA34

Stevenson, PA34


Brar, PA43

Stevenson, PA43


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