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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 1st Session - 43rd Legislature

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Advocate for Children and Youth Act


Cook, LA27

Fontaine, LA22-28

Hiebert, LA27-28

Kennedy, LA25

Lamoureux, LA25

Stone, LA21-29

Advocate for Children and Youth Act (Review)

Opening statement

Gott, LA40-42

Affordability measures

General comments

Khan, SED16

Low-income Manitobans

Brandon, SED11

Khan, SED11

Agriculture industry

Carbon tax, impact of

Bereza, SED14

Haubrich, SED14

Fuel costs

Dahl, SED5

Kahn, SED45

Sala, SED45

Al Hijira Islamic School. See Islamic Heritage Month Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended)

Arts and culture sector

Sustainable, predictable funding

Khan, CC14-15

Simard, CC14-15

Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund

Future of fund

Narth, CC11-12

Simard, CC12

General comments

Khan, CC14

Olson, CC14

Simard, CC14


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