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Environmental Approvals Branch

Red River Floodway
Proposed Floodway Expansion Project
Environmental Impact Statement - August 2004

Table of Contents

Executive Summary (pdf 12,324KB)

Foreword Section - Includes complete Table of Contents for the Environmental Impact Statement report. (pdf 1,475KB)

Main Report (Volume 1):

Chapter 1: Introduction (pdf 287KB)
Chapter 2: Assessment Approach (pdf 257KB)
Chapter 3: Public Involvement (pdf 112KB)

Chapter 4: Project Description (pdf 7,191KB) Note: Figures 4.2-1 and 4.14-1 are separated from this Chapter.
Click on the following links to view figures:
Figure 4.2-1 Excavation/Disposal Criteria (pdf 11,871KB)
Figure 4.14-1 PDEA 2 Summary Construction Schedule (pdf 120KB)

Chapter 5: Physical Environment (pdf 2,398KB)
Chapter 6: Aquatic Environment (pdf 429KB)
Chapter 7: Terrestrial Environment (pdf 1,903KB)
Chapter 8: Socio-Economic Environment (pdf 1,626KB)
Chapter 9: Heritage Resources (pdf 61KB)
Chapter 10: Sustainability (pdf 59KB)
Chapter 11: References (pdf 55KB)
Chapter 12: Glossary (pdf 57KB)

Technical Appendices (Volume 2):

Appendix 1: Chapter 1: Introduction contains: (pdf 1,464KB)

  • Appendix 1A: Guidelines for the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for the Red River Floodway Expansion Project
  • Appendix 1B: Terms of Reference: Clean Environment Commission Public Hearing on the Red River Floodway Expansion Proposal
  • Appendix 1C: Project Administration Team Representatives
  • Appendix 1D: Technical Advisory Committee Representatives
  • Appendix 1E: Applicable Provincial and Federal Legislation
  • Appendix 1F: Manitoba Floodway Expansion Authority

Appendix 2: Chapter 2: Assessment Approach contains: (pdf 1,724KB)

  • Appendix 2A: Section 2.0 of CEAA CEA Practitioners Guide
  • Appendix 2B: Section 3.1 of CEAA CEA Practitioners Guide
  • Appendix 2C: Sections 1 to 3 of 1994 FEARO Reference Guide on Addressing Cumulative Effects
  • Appendix 2D: Section of CEAA CEA Practitioners Guide
  • Appendix 2E: FEARO Reference Guide: Determining Whether a Project is Likely to Cause Significant Adverse Environmental Effects
  • Appendix 2F: Section 3.5 of CEAA CEA Practitioners Guide

Appendix 4: Chapter 4: Project Description contains: (pdf 17,940KB)

  • Appendix 4A: Channel Excavation and Embankment Drawings

Appendix 5: Chapter 5: Physical Environment contains: (pdf 512KB)

  • Appendix 5A: Detailed Description of Peak Flows in the Red River
  • Appendix 5B: Differences in Water Level Elevations for the Existing and Expanded Floodway for Various Flood Events
  • Appendix 5C: Locations of Groundwater Wells Used in Baseline Groundwater Investigations
  • Appendix 5D: Baseline Air Quality Data for the City of Winnipeg

Appendix 6: Chapter 6: Aquatic Environment contains: (pdf 6,379KB)

  • Appendix 6A: Surface Water Quality Data
  • Appendix 6B: "Worst-case" Scenario Calculation of Potential Fertilizer and Herbicide Loading
  • Appendix 6C: Aquatic Species Lists
  • Appendix 6D: Aquatic Field Studies
  • Appendix 6E: Aquatic Habitat Utilization: Literature Study
  • Appendix 6F: Effects on Aquatic Communities: Literature Summaries

Appendix 7: Chapter 7: Terrestrial Environment contains: (pdf 35,354KB)

  • Appendix 7A: Species Lists
  • Appendix 7B: Plant Field Studies Status Reports
  • Appendix 7C: Wildlife Field Studies

Appendix 8: Chapter 8: Socio-Economic Environment contains: (pdf 2,376KB)

  • Appendix 8A: Key Person Interview Guides
  • Appendix 8B: Resource Use
  • Appendix 8C: Economy (including MBS Study)
  • Appendix 8D: Infrastructure and Services
  • Appendix 8E: Personal Family and Community Life

Appendix 9: Chapter 9: Heritage Resources contains: (pdf 3,781KB)

  • Appendix 9A: Heritage Resource Impact Investigation and Assessment

Public Consultation Appendix (Volume 3):

Appendix 3: Chapter 3: Public Involvement contains:


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