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Environmental Approvals Branch

Supplementary Filing of the Proposed
Floodway Expansion Project - November 2004

Table of Contents

Introduction (pdf 55KB)

Section 1.0    Public Consultation and Involvement Program Update (pdf 17,145KB)

Section 2.0    Groundwater Study Update (pdf 26KB)

Section 3.0    Fish Passage at the Floodway Inlet Control Structure (pdf 8,271KB)
(Note: Figures 4-11, 4-13, 4-14 & 4-15 in Section 3.0 are video clips. They are not placed on the website.)

Section 4.0    Plant Field Studies (pdf 2,669KB)

Section 5.0    Socio-Economic Update (pdf 315KB)

Section 6.0    Health Response Planning (pdf 37KB)

Section 7.0    Red River Floodway Act Update (pdf 45KB)

Section 8.0    Floodway Operation (pdf 4,493KB)

Section 8.0    Floodway Operation - update (pdf 22,682KB)

Section 9.0    Navigable Waters Protection Act Authorization Status (pdf 26KB)

Section 10.0  Economic and Recreational Opportunities Status (pdf 54KB)

Section 11.0  City of Winnipeg Flood Protection Infrastructure (pdf 285KB)

Section 12.0  Environmental Protection Plans (pdf 90KB)

Section 13.0  Responses to TAC/Public Review


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