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Apprenticeship and Certification Board

About the Apprenticeship and Certification Board

The Apprenticeship and Certification Board, its standing committees and provincial advisory committees are governed by The Apprenticeship and Certification Act, which outlines the composition and roles and responsibilities for each.

The Board provides a governance and leadership role within its advisory mandate to coordinate a relevant, accessible and responsive apprenticeship and certification system in Manitoba. The Board’s governance role involves responsibility for the development of an annual strategic plan based on consultations with stakeholders to identify and provide leadership on issues that have an impact on the apprenticeship system as a whole. The Board also produces an annual report that accounts for and communicates the activities performed by the Board that relate to the goals and objectives pledged by the strategic plan.

The Board consists of a Chairperson, Secretary and thirteen (13) members who are appointed by the Minister. Five members represent employers, five represent employees, two represent the public interest and one represents apprentices. The Secretary of the Board is also the Executive Director of Apprenticeship Manitoba.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Promoting apprenticeship and certification
  • Supporting employer and employee participation in apprenticeship and certification
  • Advising the minister about training needs and Manitoba's labour market needs for skilled tradespersons
  • Participating in interprovincial apprenticeship initiatives


Current members of the Board include:

Name Employer Employee Public
Apprentice Other
Brent Charron X
Bruce Sloane X
Carol Paul X
David McCutcheon Secretary
Geoff Sine X
Harvey Miller Chair
Karen Roe X
Laura Garet X Vice Chair
Rick Guilbault X
Ron Stecy X
Steve Ducharme X
Ted Stark X
Vacant X
Vacant X


If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please visit the Agencies, Boards and Commissions website and complete the application indicating your interest in the Apprenticeship and Certification Board membership.