Consumer Protection

1995 Decisions

AICAC Decisions for the Year 1995

AICAC File No. Date of Hearing (y/m/d) Date of Decision (y/m/d) Issue
AC-95-11 1995/12/05 1995/12/15
  1. Quantum of Income Replacement Indemnity benefits; can potential, future increase in earnings be considered?
  2. Method of computing income Replacement Indemnity benefits.
AC-95-8 1995/08/14
1995/12/01 Cohabitation – whether negated by frequent, short-term separations.
AC-95-18 1995/11/28 1995/11/30 Entitlement to reimbursement of cancellation fee when motor vehicle accident resulted in cancelling a scheduled airline flight.
AC-95-16 1995/11/09 1995/11/21 Requirement of having a firm offer of employment prior to the accident in order to qualify for Income Replacement Indemnity benefits.
AC-95-15 1995/10/27
  1. Determination of employment status: self-employed or full-time employee.
  2. Loss of unearned, potential, income.
  3. U.I.C. deductions.
AC-95-14 1995/10/23 1995/10/28 Meaning of cohabiting for purpose of death benefit.
AC-95-9 1995/10/18 1995/10/25 Entitlement to inclusion of unearned, potential, commission income in calculation of Income Replacement Indemnity benefits.
AC-95-6 1995/09/07 1995/09/08 Qualification for lump sum student indemnity.
AC-95-7 1995/07/25 1995/08/01 Entitlement to Income Replacement Indemnity benefits.
AC-95-4 1995/06/08 1995/06/19 Meaning of “dependent” under Section 70(1) of the MPIC Act.
AC-95-3 1995/06/02 1995/06/07
  1. Propriety of seven-day deductible period prior to commencement of compensation.
  2. Time/wages lost when attending for medical treatment.
  3. Income Replacement Indemnity benefit calculations.
AC-95-1 1995/05/09 1995/05/10 Entitlement to cost of addition to residence which Appellant had intended to do.