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Alonsa Conservation District
Box 33, Railway Avenue N.
Alonsa, MB R0H 0A0
Phone: 1-204-767-2101
Fax: 1-204-767-2044

Assiniboine Hills Conservation District
Box 160, 122-2nd Street N.
Baldur, MB R0K 0B0
Phone: 1-204-535-2139
Fax: 1-204-535-2215

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Cooks Creek Conservation District
Box 11, Group 561, RR 5,
66-156 Pineridge Road
Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2
Phone: 204-777-2223
Fax: 204-777-0570

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East Interlake Conservation District
Box 1740, Hwy 9 and Colville Drive
Gimli, MB R0C 1B0
Phone: 1-204-642-7578
Fax: 1-204-642-7581

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Intermountain Conservation District
Box 328, Hwy 274
Ethelbert, MB R0L 0T0
Phone: 1-204-742-3764
Fax: 1-204-742-3721

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Kelsey Conservation District
Box 1860
The Pas, MB R9A 1L6
Phone: 1-204-623-3353
Fax: 1-204-623-4474

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La Salle Redboine Conservation District
Box 220, 109 Broadway Street
Holland, MB R0G 0X0
FAX: 1-204-526-2298

Lake of the Prairies Conservation District
Box 31, Building 211, PR 366
Inglis, MB R0J 0X0
FAX: 1-204-564-2637

Little Saskatchewan Conservation District
Box 209, 55 North Railway Street
Oak River, MB R0K 1T0
Phone: 1-204-566-2270
Fax: 1-204-566-2299

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Pembina Valley Conservation District
Box 659, 261 Main Street
Manitou, MB R0G 1G0
Phone: 1-204-242-3267
Fax: 1-204-242-3281

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Seine-Rat River Conservation District
Box 339, 29 Simard Street
La Broquerie, MB R0A 0W0
Phone: 1-204-424-5845
FAX: 1-204-424-5909

Swan Lake Watershed Conservation District
Box 1858, 1000-2 Main Street
Swan River, MB ROL 1Z0
Phone: 1-204-734-9550
FAX: 1-204-734-9455

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Turtle Mountain Conservation District
Box 508, 129 Broadway North
Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Phone: 1-204-747-2530
Fax: 1-204-747-2956

Turtle River Watershed Conservation District
Box 449, 630 Central Avenue
Ste. Rose du Lac, MB R0L 1S0
Phone: 1-204-447-2139
Fax: 1-204-447-4070

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Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District
Box 223, 111 Sarah Avenue
Miniota, MB R0M 1M0
Phone: 1-204-567-3554
Fax: 1-204-567-3587

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West Interlake Watershed Conservation District
Box 732, 13 Main Street
Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0
Phone 1-204-762-5850
Fax: 1-204-762-5862

West Souris River Conservation District
Box 339, 4th Street and 4th Avenue
Reston, MB R0M 1X0
Phone 1-204-877-3020
Fax: 1-204-877-3090

Whitemud Watershed Conservation District
Box 130, 41 Main Street
Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0
Phone: 1-204-476-5019
Fax: 1-204-476-7094

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