Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques

Postage Stamp Province

 Postage Stamp Province - plaq0945

(Six Locations)

Installed 1961
Hurst Park
Winnipeg Beach

Installed 1983
PTH 59, 2 km north of PTH 12
Grand Marais

Installed 1983
Customs Property
PTH 89, Piney

Installed 1987
Oak Point Chalet
PTH 6 at Oak Point

Installed 1987
Williams Park

Installed 1987
North Side, PTH 23
East of Mariapolis

Here ran the original boundary of the Province of Manitoba. On July 15, 1870 Manitoba officially became a Canadian province. It then measured about 130 miles east to west and 110 miles north to south, with an area of 13,928 square miles. Its size and shape gave it the nickname "the Postage Stamp Province." Boundaries were extended in 1881 and 1912.