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Ximena Munoz, Manitoba Fairness Commissioner
Ximena Munoz
Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

The creation of the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner (OMFC) marked a new phase in the process of Qualification Recognition (QR), one in which all stakeholders have played a vital part. Over the course of the year, we have worked together to make change and build on our province’s long-standing reputation as a leader in QR. I am very pleased with our progress to date.

One of the things I am most proud of is your openness and willingness to work in an amicable, collaborative manner. Your attitude is helping us shape the future of QR in Manitoba. Internationally educated professionals are going to be much better off.

Today we all realize that the system, not the individual, must change. The Office has worked mostly toward supporting regulators’ ability to renew their registration practices so that internationally educated professionals do not have to endure unfamiliar, unrealistic assessment methods. I believe that these new, refined assessment methods will allow us to recognize our unlicensed colleagues as soon as possible while maintaining performance standards. The result will be a more vibrant, diverse workforce from which we all benefit.

Of course, there is still more work to be done. Throughout the year, as we ask you to make change, we are challenging ourselves to do the same. We have developed the new OMFC website with stakeholders in mind. We believe we have accomplished our goals—to write in plain language, provide clear information and answer important questions—and hope you agree. We look forward to your feedback as we, too, strive for continuous improvement.

Ximena Munoz
Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

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