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The Riparian Tax Credit Program

Benefit Period 2017 – 2021
(application deadline April 30, 2017)

The Riparian Tax Credit is an innovative green program initiated by the Manitoba Department of Finance.

The Riparian Tax Credit is designed to encourage farm operators to upgrade their management of lakeshores and river and stream banks and it recognizes those who have already done so. This property tax credit is the first program of its type in Canada.

Good management of the strip of land adjacent to lake shores and rivers and streams can reduce erosion, buffer the extremes of the flood and drought cycle, improve water quality downstream, and reduce emission of greenhouse gases.  Good riparian management practices include; elimination of tillage, limitation of grazing and watering by livestock, and maintenance of various types of cover, especially deep-rooted shrubs and trees but also including hay to control erosion.

Benefits are available to farmers and livestock producers who make a 5-year commitment to protect a strip along a waterway on agricultural land.  Over time, this approach should benefit the rural economy and contribute to safeguarding water quality throughout rural Manitoba.

Please use the following links to obtain additional information and/or an application for the Riparian Tax Credit:

For more information on the Riparian Tax Credit, please contact:

The Manitoba Tax Assistance Office
809 - 386 Broadway 
Winnipeg  MB  R3C 3R6

Telephone:  1-800-782-0771 (toll free)
                        (204) 948-2115 (in Winnipeg)

Fax:            (204) 948-2263
E-mail:       TAO@gov.mb.ca


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