GIS Map Gallery
Manitoba’s geology and mineral dispositions displayed in an interactive mapped environment including mineral occurrence and geochronological data, assessment files and drill hole locations.

3-D Geological Mapping in Manitoba: Moving Forward
Features the first installment of the 3-D model with a video clip of Manitoba’s geology from a 3-D perspective.

Mineral Commodities in Manitoba
Manitoba's outstanding world-class deposits are central to building a prosperous and robust economy, to fostering sustainable and strong communities, and to strengthening employment growth for all Manitobans.

Mineral Exploration Activity Tracker
The Mineral Exploration Activity Tracker site provides you with the tools to quickly and easily track mineral exploration projects and mining activity in Manitoba.

Geological Survey Activity Tracker
The Manitoba Geological Survey (MGS) Activity Tracker provides quick and easy access to information on MGS projects conducted throughout the province.

Rare Metals in Manitoba
This compilation provides uniformly organized, summarized and up-to-date information on rare metal occurrences in the Province of Manitoba.

Surficial Geology
Surficial geology focuses on the description of the types and distributions of unconsolidated sediments across the landscape.

Phanerozoic Stratigraphy
Stratigraphic maps of varying scales depicting structure, isopach, outcrop and/or subcrop information. Maps are available in PDF for free download.

Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention Technical Posters
View and download technical posters produced by the MGS and released at the Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention.

Williston Basin TGI
Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) on the architecture and hydrocarbon potential of the WB. Includes stratigraphic maps, cross-sections and columns, a searchable bibliographic database and free downloads.

Flin Flon TGI
The Flin Flon TGI-3 is a five year (2005-2010) multidisciplinary geoscience project under the TGI-3 Program, centred on the world-class Paleoproterozoic Trans-Hudson base-metal mining camps of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Geological Databases
Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Database
Platinum-group Elements

Free Downloads
Geological Survey reports and maps available to download free of charge.

Digital Elevation Model of Manitoba (DEM)
Learn how glaciers have shaped the land and view three-dimensional images of major landscape elements in Manitoba.

Report of Activities
An annual summary of field investigations conducted by the Manitoba Geological Survey (includes current and previous year’s reports).

Surficial Geology Compilation Map Series of Manitoba (SGCMS)
The SGCMS addresses an increasing demand for consistent surficial geology information for applications such as groundwater protection, industrial mineral management, protected lands, basic research, mineral exploration, engineering, and environmental assessment.

Manitoba Precambrian Drillcore Libraries
The Government of Manitoba recognizes that archiving of exploration drillcore provides a valuable data source for use by mineral exploration companies and researchers.

Manitoba's Diamond Exploration Strategy
Geoscientific support for diamond exploration, including the Manitoba Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Database.

Platinum-group Elements in Manitoba
Discover Manitoba’s PGE potential with access to geological and geochemical data for over 200 mafic and ultramafic intrusions to assist exploration.

Manitoba Geology
Describes the bedrock and Quaternary geology of the province, with accompanying geological maps and detailed descriptions of the geology in major mineral-producing areas.

Industrial Minerals
Profiles Manitoba’s industrial mineral commodities, including their setting, method of extraction and industry contacts. Also features potential deposits and occurrences for exploration and development.

Paleofloods in the Red River Basin
Research program to develop an accurate record of high magnitude floods over the last 500 years.

Operation Superior
A six-year (1996-2001) multidisciplinary geoscientific program providing exploration-supportive data on the east-central region of Manitoba.

Winnipeg GAC-MAC Fieldtrip Guidebooks
All guidebooks available as PDF files.

MGS Short Course Presentations
A collection of presentations given at the Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention and were published with permission and as provided by the authors. All available presentations are in PDF.

Geology Related Links

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