Safety Fitness Program Expansion

How to Comply - Heavy Passenger Vehicle

To be in compliance with the Safety Fitness Program requirements, you must:

Hold a Valid Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC)

There is no fee for a Safety Fitness Certificate. You can apply for an SFC immediately by completing this application online or you can print out an application form.

Maintain Your Vehicles

Your vehicles must be maintained in safe operating condition. You should develop and implement an effective preventative maintenance program

Remedy Manufacturer's Defects

Upon receiving notice of a manufacturer’s defect, you must immediately correct the defect in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ensure Your Drivers Conduct Trip Inspections

Trip inspections are not required unless you are in the business of providing a transportation service, ex: operating a transit bus, a scheduled or charter bus service.

Ensure Vehicles Undergo Periodic Mandatory Inspections

This is commonly known as a vehicle safety inspection. Heavy passenger vehicles require an inspection every 12 months, unless you are in the business of providing a transportation service, i.e. operating a transit bus, a scheduled or charter bus service, then an inspection is required every 6 months.

Obtain and Review Driver Records

Prior to engaging a person to drive a heavy vehicle, and annually thereafter, you must obtain the following information from the drivers:

  • driver’s licence disclosure (issuing jurisdiction, class of licence, the name in which it was issued, and whether or not it has been suspended)
  • driver’s abstract
  • ongoing disclosures of all accidents and violations in both personal and professional driving

To help you monitor this information, you may use the sample forms provided

Designate a Compliance Officer

You must designate, in writing, a person who is a resident of Manitoba to be responsible for promoting compliance with Safety Fitness Program requirements.

Mark Vehicles

You must display the name of your company or organization, or a readily identifiable logo, in a prominent place on both sides of the vehicle.

Maintain Records

You must retain the records listed below for the specified time period.




maintenance and repair records for each vehicle including, at minimum:
1) date
2) odometer reading (power units)
3) description of the work completed

manufacturer recalls and corrective actions

results of Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections and corrective actions

driver records and driver disclosures

commercial vehicle trip inspection reports, if applicable



written designation of the current resident compliance officer

a valid, periodic, mandatory vehicle inspection certificate for each vehicle.