Safety Fitness Program Expansion

Requirements for Heavy Trucks Less than 6,800 Kilograms

If you are the owner/operator of a heavy truck less than 6,800 kilograms (kg), to be in compliance with Safety Fitness Program requirements, you must hold a valid Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC). This applies to all vehicles that:

  • have a registered gross vehicle weight (RGVW) less than 6,800 kg
  • are used only in Manitoba
  • are registered as a limited-use commercial truck or a limited-use public service vehicle

How to apply for a Safety Fitness Certificate

You can apply for an SFC immediately by completing this application online or you can print out an application form. There is no fee for a Safety Fitness Certificate.

Vehicle Safety Inspections Required Every 12 Months

A truck, truck tractor, trailer, semi-trailer or trailer converter dolly with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,500 kg or more, must undergo a vehicle safety inspection every 12 months.

Note: If your truck’s RGVW is 6,800 kg or more, or it is used outside of Manitoba, or it is registered as a commercial truck or public service vehicle (not limited-use), please proceed to heavy truck compliance.