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Piping Plover

Piping Plover

Piping Plover
Photo by Robert R. Taylor
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The Piping Plover is one of our endangered birds. It has the unhappy situation of nesting on some of our most popular beaches. They scrape together little nests on the beach where small pebble-coloured eggs are laid. Their numbers are on the decline—with fewer than 20 birds found in Manitoba in recent years.

These small plovers are sand-coloured with yellow legs. The bill is yellow with a black tip. Their call is a whistled peep-lo. The young have been described as looking like “cotton balls on toothpicks”.

You have a good chance to see the endangered Piping Plover at Grand Beach where the Plover Guardians have established enclosures to protect the nests and provide safe viewing. The plovers return to Grand Beach typically in the second week of May.

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