Application for Rent Increase Above Amount Permitted by Regulation Form


If you use this form to submit your application online, you will receive a reference number.

Important Information – Please read before beginning your application:

1. You will receive a reference number if you submit your application online. Bring this reference number to the Branch when paying your filing fee for the application. If you are mailing in the filing fee, remember to include the reference number with your payment.  To see the current fees for filing an Application for Rent Increase, click here.

2. Applications, and the supporting information, must be received by the Branch 14 days after the beginning of the three-month notice period for the first rent increase shown on the application (ex. if you plan to increase the rent on October 1, you must submit the application to the branch by July 14).  

3. Applications will be considered late if we have not received the following information by the deadline:

  • a fully completed application (including Schedules 1 to 4),
  • invoices for all capital expenditures reported,
  • the correct filing fee,
  • the reference number for the online application.

4. Skip Step 5 of the application. It will automatically fill once you complete Schedule 2 (Rent Roll) of the application.

5. Include all Schedules (1 to 4) that are required with your electronic submission. 

Click here to get your form.

Click here for Application for Rent Increase Above the Guideline - A Landlord's Guide.


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