Rent Status Report

Anyone who is considering the purchase of a rental property can apply to the Residential Tenancies Branch for a rent status report.  A rent status report provides information on a property’s rent history and can alert people to potential rent increase problems.

The Branch’s filing fees for rent status reports are:

    • $157.50 for residential complexes with four or fewer rental units; and
    • $315.00 for residential complexes with between five - 49 units;
    • $420.00 for residential complexes with 50 units or more.

 To apply for a rent status report, you’ll need to send the following information to the Branch:

    • a completed application form;
    • written authorization from the registered owner of the property; and
    • the appropriate filing fee.


Application for a Rent Status Report on a Residential Complex
Download file:
PDF format

Rent Status Report Authorization Form
Download file:
PDF format