Working with consumers and businesses to ensure a fair marketplace for all Manitobans.

About Us

Consumer protection is a right of every Manitoba resident. Whether we are buying, selling, repairing or leasing goods or services, we all have rights.


The Office was established in January 1970 to administer The Consumer Protection Act. It also administered The Landlord and Tenant Act upon its inception until the Rentalsman's Office was created and became a separate Branch in 1972.

In January 1992 the Consumer Protection Office was given the responsibility to administer The Business Practices Act, which has become a vital tool strengthening the effectiveness of service to clients.

Major Functions
  • License vendors who "direct sell" and their direct sellers, collection agents and collectors, and hearing aid dealers, registers manufacturers and renovators of stuffed articles and authorizes charitable fund raising.
  • Assists consumers in resolving complaints about consumer transactions for goods or services.
  • Investigates complaints involving breaches of consumer protection legislation and, where appropriate, refers matters to Justice for prosecution.
  • Provides information and education to Manitoba consumers and businesses about consumer legislation and marketplace issues.