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Building or renovating
Hiring a contractor

Get the answers you need before you sign a renovation contract.

When hiring a renovation contractor, it's wise to get estimates from several before you sign a contract. More detail up front means less potential for misunderstandings later.
Building or Renovating | Hiring a contractor - Consumer Protection Office

The contract should include:

  • information about the contractor
  • a detailed work description
  • a list of materials required
  • an estimate of the total cost
  • a work schedule
  • the completion date
  • details about initial deposits required
  • progress payment requirements

It's important to know The Builders Liens Act allows you to hold back 7.5 per cent of the total cost of the work, services and materials for 40 days after the contractor has finished the job. This can help protect you from liens on your property by suppliers, labourers or subcontractors if the contractor fails to pay them.

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