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Planning a funeral – protection for grieving families

Arranging a funeral can be a trying experience for families, especially while grieving the death of a loved one. Manitoba legislation and associated regulations are in place to ensure funeral providers are licensed and accountable. The Funeral Board of Manitoba actively regulates the conduct of industry members. They work closely with government to assure citizens of their professional integrity and ethical standards.

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The industry's code of ethics requires that funeral directors:

  • deal with you in an honest and straightforward manner
  • respect and observe your cultural, ethnic, and family customs and traditions whenever possible
  • explain all services that are required
  • explain what services and goods are optional
  • give you a no-obligation, itemized, written estimate of the services and products you have selected for the deceased
  • give you a copy of the contract upon its signing
  • give you a copy of the Funeral Board's brochure to keep
  • file a death registration with the Vital Statistics Agency within five days of the death occurrence

The Funeral Board of Manitoba website and its frequently asked questions page are excellent sources for information and links to the laws and regulations that apply to the funeral industry in Manitoba.