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Warranties & guarantees

They aren't all the same – make sure you read yours carefully

Has this ever happened to you?

The great new washing machine you bought six months ago stopped working. You're not too thrilled about it, but luckily, you know it's still under warranty. So you call the store you bought it from and they come out promptly and fix it. You're pretty happy until the service person hands you a bill for $85 for labour. They explain that the broken part was replaced for free, but your warranty only covers parts, not labour. You pull out your warranty and there it is in the fine print, the labour is not covered.

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All warranties are not the same. When you buy something with a warranty, it's important to read the warranty carefully, so you're sure about what's covered and for how long.

Is there a difference between a warranty and a guarantee?

A warranty is an expressed or implied condition of sale, an assurance that the product you purchase will work as it's supposed to and be free of defects.

A guarantee may be more of a general promise and may or may not be a condition of sale. For example, some stores promise satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If a salesperson claims that a product is guaranteed, ask for it in writing. Oral promises may be binding, but they can sometimes be hard to prove.

Before you buy a product from a retailer, ask the salesperson about the store's policy on guarantees and returns.

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