What is the Claimant Adviser Office?

The Claimant Adviser Office (CAO) helps people who are appealing bodily injury claim decisions that have been issued by the Internal Review Office of the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation (MPIC).   The appeals are heard and decided by an independent administrative tribunal, the Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission (the Appeal Commission).

Service is available in English and French. There is no charge for the services provided.

The CAO is completely independent from the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation and the Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission.

Advisers do not assist with disputes concerning vehicle damage claims or disputes concerning driver’s licenses.

How you can reach us…

Claimant Adviser Office
#200 – 330 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0C4

  • Phone: (204) 945-7413
  • Fax: (204) 948-3157
  • Toll-free: 1-800-282-8069, ex 7413
  • Deaf Access Line TTY: 1-800-855-0511
  • E-mail: cao@gov.mb.ca

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday To Friday

Appealing a bodily injury claim decision…

If you are not satisfied with the MPIC case manager’s decision you have 60 days to apply in writing for an internal review of the decision. Contact your case manager or visit the MPIC office and request an "Application for Review of an Injury Claim Decision" form.

It is important to complete and submit the form to MPIC within the 60 day time limit. Failure to submit the form within this time limit could result in the review being dismissed.

In preparation for the review, claimants have the right to request and review a copy of their bodily injury claim file pursuant to section 151(1) of the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act. Claimants can obtain medical reports in support of the review, and the invoices can be submitted to MPIC for payment pursuant to section 148 of the Act and section 43 of Regulation 40/94.

The Claimant Adviser Office cannot assist a claimant at the Internal Review stage.

If you disagree with the MPIC Internal Review Office’s written decision, you have 90 days to file a "Notice of Appeal" form with the Appeal Commission. The Claimant Adviser Office can help you do this.

It is important to complete and submit the Notice of Appeal form to the Appeal Commission within the 90 day time limit. Failure to submit the form within this time limit could result the Commission refusing to extend time limits and in the appeal being dismissed.

What services does the Claimant Adviser Office offer?

A Claimant Adviser can:

  • explain how the Manitoba Public Insurance Act and regulations apply to your bodily injury claim
  • help you appeal to the Appeal Commission
  • advise about the details of the appeal process and evidence needed
  • carry out investigations and inspections
  • obtain expert opinions
  • represent you during your appeal hearing

The Claimant Adviser Office:

  • is fully accessible to people with disabilities
  • offers bilingual service
  • keeps your personal information strictly confidential
  • offers services that are free of charge

Opening a File at the CAO

Intake information required to open a file includes:

  • completing an authorization form which allows the CAO to obtain additional information in support of the appeal
  • providing personal information and information concerning the motor vehicle accident
  • providing a copy of the internal review decision

Once the required intake information and documentation has been obtained a file will be opened and assigned to a claimant adviser who will assist the client with the appeal. Authorization Forms and Intake Forms are available at the CAO and can be mailed to a client for completion at their request.

Personal Injury Protection Plan Guide

The Personal Injury Protection Plan Guide PDF Document provides detailed information related to the PIPP program and benefits available to those injured in a motor vehicle accident.

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