Performance Reporting

The Manitoba Government is committed to improving the way government measures and reports to the public on both financial and non-financial performance outcomes. Outcomes-based reporting enhances both transparency and accountability by providing information on the actual impacts, benefits or changes experienced as a result of a program or government service. The first overall Manitoba Government performance report to the public, Reporting to Manitobans on Performance: 2005 Discussion Document, was released in June 2005.

In the fall of 2006, for the first time, a set of key performance measures was included in every government department’s annual report. Performance reporting information is also included in the regular annual reports, and various specialized reports, of many of the other organizations in the Government Reporting Entity (GRE).

In 2007/08, the province developed performance reporting principles and guidelines. These principles and guidelines provide a solid foundation for performance reporting as Manitoba works to improve the way government reports to the public.

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