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Community Councils under The Northern Affairs Act

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Aghaming Community Council
Wanipigow MB R0E 2E0
Phone: 204-363-7212
Fax: 204-363-7293


Baden Community Council
Mafeking MB R0L 1B0
Phone: 204-545-2399
Fax: 1 -204-545-2267

Barrows Community Council
Barrows MB R0L 0B0
Phone: 204-545-6275
Fax: 204-545-6220

Berens River Community Council
Box 129
Berens River MB R0B 0A0
Phone: 204-382-2417
Fax: 204-382-2798

Bissett Community Council
Bissett MB R0E 0J0
Phone: 204-277-5218
Fax: 204-277-5521

Brochet Community Council
Brochet MB R0B 0B0
Phone: 204-323-2114
Fax: 204-323-2074

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Camperville Community Council
Box 119
Camperville MB R0L 0J0
Phone: 204-524-2212
Fax: 204-524-2829

Cormorant Community Council
Cormorant MB R0B 0G0
Phone: 204-357-2145
Fax: 204-357-2224

Crane River Community Council
Crane River MB R0L 0M0
Phone: 204-732-2268
Fax: 204-732-2709

Incorporated Community of Cross Lake
Cross Lake MB R0B 0J0

Phone: 204-676-2465
Fax: 204-676-2945

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Dallas / Red Rose Community Council
Dallas MB R0C 0S0
Phone: 204-645-2619
Fax: 204-645-3456

Dauphin River Community Council
c/o Gypsumville P.O.
Gypsumville MB R0C 1J0
Phone: 204-659-4573
Fax: 204-659-4178

Dawson Bay Community Council
c/o Mafeking P.O.
Mafeking MB R0L 1B0
Phone: 204-545-2175
Fax: 204-545-2366

Duck Bay Community Council
Box 39
Duck Bay MB R0L 0N0
Phone: 204-524-3070
Fax: 204-524-3079

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Easterville Community Council
Easterville MB R0C 0V0
Phone: 204-329-2080
Fax: 204-329-2130

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Fisher Bay Community Council
c/o Koostatak P.O.
Koostatak MB R0C 1S0
Phone: 204-645-2398
Fax: 204-645-2556

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Gods Lake Narrows Community Council
Gods Lake Narrows MB R0B 0M0
Phone: 204-335-2596
Fax: 204-335-2662

Granville Lake Community Council
Box 232
Leaf Rapids MB R0B 1W0
Phone: 204-473-8871
Fax: 204-473-8896

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Harwill Community Council
c/o Hodgson P.O., Box 292
Hodgson MB R0C 1N0
Phone: 204-645-2197
Fax: 204-645-3737

Herb Lake Landing Community Council
Box 700, c/o Snow Lake P.O.
Snow Lake MB R0B 1M0
Phone: 204-358-2314
Fax: 1 -204-358-2314

Homebrook Community Council
c/o Gypsumville P.O.
Gypsumville MB R0C 1J0
Phone: 204-659-5847
Fax: 204-659-5847 (Fire Hall)

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Ilford Community Council
Ilford MB R0B 0S0
Phone: 204-288-4394
Fax: 204-288-4372

Island Lake Community Council
Box 39
Stevenson Island MB R0B 2H0
Phone: 204-456-2470
Fax: 204-456-2814

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Little Grand Rapids Community Council
Little Grand Rapids MB R0B 0V0
Phone: 204-397-2333
Fax: 204-397-2030

Loon Straits Community Council
Box 313, 620 Quarry Road
East Selkirk MB R0E 0M0
Phone: 204-485-1411

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Mallard Community Council
Waterhen P.O., Group 100, RR #1
Box 44, Waterhen MB R0L 2C0
Phone: 204-628-3396
Fax: 204-628-3328

Manigotagan Community Council
Manigotagan MB R0E 1E0
Phone: 204-363-7375
Fax: 204-363-7346

Matheson Island Community Council
Matheson Island MB R0C 2A0
Phone: 204-276-2150
Fax: 204-276-2196

Meadow Portage Community Council
Box 24
Meadow Portage MB R0L 1E0
Phone: 204-732-2675
Fax: 204-732-2205

Moose Lake Community Council
Moose Lake MB R0B 0Y0
Phone: 204-678-2161
Fax: 204-678-2133

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National Mills Community Council
c/o Barrows P.O.
Barrows MB R0L 0B0
Phone: 204-545-6263
Fax: 204-545-6263

Nelson House Community Council
Nelson House MB R0B 1A0
Phone: 204-484-2023
Fax: 204-484-2110

Norway House Community Council
Box 5100
Norway House MB R0B 1B0
Phone: 204-359-6719
Fax: 204-359-6004

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Oxford House Community Council
Oxford House MB R0B 1C0
Phone: 204-538-2248

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Pelican Rapids Community Council
Pelican Rapids MB R0L 1L0
Phone: 204-587-2229
Fax: 204-587-2395

Pikwitonei Community Council
Pikwitonei MB R0B 1E0
Phone: 204-458-2420
Fax: 204-458-2403

Pine Dock Community Council
c/o Little Bullhead P.O.
Little Bullhead MB R0C 1V0
Phone: 204-276-2274
Fax: 204-276-2295

Powell Community Council
c/o Barrows P.O.
Barrows MB R0L 0B0
Phone: 204-545-6201

Princess Harbour Community Council
Princess Harbour MB R0C 2P0
Phone: 204- 276-2446

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Red Deer Lake Community Council
c/o Barrows P.O.
Barrows MB R0L 0B0
Phone: 204-545-6282
Fax: 204-545-6282

Red Sucker Lake Community Council
Red Sucker Lake MB R0B 1H0
Phone: 204-469-5090
Fax: 204-469-5152

Rock Ridge Community Council
Box 14
Rock Ridge MB R0L 2K0
Phone: 204-628-3271
Fax: 204-628-3363

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Salt Point Community Council
Winnipegosis MB R0L 2G0
Phone: 204-656-4571

Seymourville Community Council
c/o Wanipigow P.O., Box 2568
Wanipigow MB R0E 2E0
Phone: 204-363-7246
Fax: 204-363-7581

Sherridon Community Council
Sherridon MB R0B 1L0
Phone: 204-468-2026
Fax: 204-468-2110

Incorporated Community of South Indian Lake
South Indian Lake MB R0B 1N0
Phone: 204-374-2134
Fax: 204-374-2017

Spence Lake Community Council
Box 10, R.R.#1
Rorketon MB R0L 1R0
Phone: 204-732-2583
Fax: 204-732-2579

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Thicket Portage Community Council
Thicket Portage MB R0B 1R0
Phone: 204-286-3296
Fax: 204-286-3256

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Wabowden Community Council
Box 130
Wabowden MB R0B 1S0
Phone: 204-689-2165
Fax: 204-689-2355

Waterhen Community Council
Waterhen MB R0L 2C0
Phone: 204-628-3358
Fax: 204-628-3270

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