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CancerCare Manitoba
675 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 0V9
Phone: 204-787-2162
Fax: 204-786-0181

Concordia Hospital
1095 Concordia Avenue
Winnipeg MB R2K 3S8
Phone: 204-661-7144
Fax: 204-667-1049

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Eden Mental Health Centre
1500 Pembina Avenue
Winkler MB R6W 1T4
Phone: 204-325-4325
Fax: 204-325-8429

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Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre
120 Tecumseh Street
Winnipeg MB R3E 2A9
Phone: 204-477-6391
Fax: 204-783-8948

Misericordia General Hospital
99 Cornish Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3C 1A2
Phone: 204-788-8272
Fax: 204-775-9790

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Rehabilitation Centre for Children Inc.
633 Wellington Crescent
Winnipeg MB R3M 0A8
Phone: 204-452-9824
Fax: 204-477-5547

Riverview Health Centre
1 Morley Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3L 2P4
Phone: 204-478-6212
Fax: 204-453-7593

Rock Lake Health District
Box 130
Crystal City MB R0K 0N0
Phone: 204-873-2132
Fax: 204-873-2185

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Seven Oaks General Hospital
2300 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg MB R2V 3M3
Phone: 204-632-7133
Fax: 204-697-2106

Shared Health Manitoba
(includes: Medical Transportation Coordination Centre)
4th Floor - 650 Main Street
Winnipeg MB R3B 1E2
Phone: 204-926-8022
Fax: 204-940-1761

St. Boniface General Hospital
A1149 - 409 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg MB R2H 2A6
Phone: 204-237-2654
Fax: 204-231-0647

Ste. Rose General Hospital
Box 60
Ste. Rose du Lac MB R0L 1S0
Phone: 204-447-2131
Fax: 204-447-3370

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Victoria General Hospital
2340 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg MB R3T 2E8
Phone: 204-477-3376
Fax: 204-261-0223

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Winnipegosis District Health Centre
Box 280
Winnipegosis MB R0L 2G0
Phone: 204-656-4881
Fax: 204-656-4402