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23 West Planning District
Box 111
Belmont MB R0K 0C0
Phone: 204-537-2722
Fax: 204-537-2364
Email: gillian.23west@gmail.com (Secretary-Treasurer)

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Brandon and Area Planning District
638 Princess Avenue
Brandon MB R7A 0P3
Phone: 204-729-2121
Fax: 204-728-2406
Email: bapd@brandon.ca

Brokenhead River Planning District
Box 1330
Beausejour MB R0E 0C0
Phone: 204-268-6705
Fax: 204-268-1504
Email: mcutmore@rmofbrokenhead.ca (Secretary-Treasurer and Building Inspector)

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Carman-Dufferin Planning District
Box 160
Carman MB R0G 0J0
Phone: 204-745-2443 or 204-745-2301
Fax: 204-745-6348
Email: planning@townofcarman.com

Cypress Planning District
Box 1000
Carberry MB R0K 0H0
Phone: 204-834-6618
Fax: 204-834-6619
Email: cpd1@mymts.net

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Dennis County Planning District
Box 99
Reston MB R0M 1X0
Phone: 204-877-3327
Fax: 204-877-3999
Email: accounts@rmofpipestone.com

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Eastern Interlake Planning District
Box 1758
Gimli MB R0C 1B0
Phone: 204-642-5478
Fax: 204-642-4061
Email: eipd@mymts.net

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Fisher Armstrong Planning District
Box 280
Fisher Branch, MB R0C 0Z0
Phone: 204-372-6393
Fax: 204-372-8470
Email: fishercao@mts.net

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Kelsey Planning District
Box 870
The Pas MB R9A 1K8
Phone: 204-627-1108
Fax: 204-623-5506
Email: jenne@townofthepas.ca (Secretary-Treasurer)

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Lac du Bonnet Planning District
Box 100
Lac du Bonnet MB R0E 1A0
Phone: 204-345-6724
Fax: 204-345-6716
Email: ldbplanning@lacdubonnet.com

Lakeshore Planning District
Box 40
Ochre River MB R0L 1K0
Phone: 204-733-2423
Fax: 204-733-2259
Email: info@rmoflakeshore.ca (Secretary-Treasurer)

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Macdonald-Ritchot Planning District
Box 100
Sanford MB R0G 2J0
Phone: 204-736-2255
Fax: 204-736-4335
Email: janine@rmofmacdonald.com (Secretary-Treasurer)

M.S.T.W. Planning District
180 5th Street, Unit D,
Morden MB R6M 1C9
Phone: 204-822-6223
Fax: 204-822-6508
Email: manager@mstw.ca

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Neepawa & Area Planning District
Box 1720
Neepawa MB R0J 1H0
Phone: 204-476-3277
Fax: 204-476-7624
Email: jeff@neepawaareaplanning.com (Secretary-Treasurer and Development Officer)

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Portage la Prairie Planning District
800 Saskatchewan Avenue West
Portage la Prairie MB R1N 0M8
Phone: 204-856-5000
Fax: 204-239-8319
Email: Landerson@ptgplanningdistrict.ca (Office Manager)

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Red River Planning District
806-A Manitoba Avenue
Selkirk MB R1A 2H4
Phone: 204-482-3717
Fax: 204-482-3717
Email: jennifer@rrpd.ca (Manager)

Rhineland, Plum Coulee, Gretna, Altona (RPGA) Planning District
c/o RM of Rhineland
Box 270
Altona MB R0G 0B0
Phone: 204-324-5357
Fax: 204-324-1516
Email: susan.stein@rhinelandmb.ca (Secretary-Treasurer)

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South Central Planning District
Box 40
Holland  MB R0G 0X0
Phone: 204-526-2800
Fax: 204-526-2028
Email : atack@scpd.ca (Secretary-Treasurer)

South Interlake Planning District
Box 1219
Stonewall MB R0C 2Z0
Phone: 204-467-5587
Fax: 204-467-8383
Email: eric.shaw@sipd.ca (Manager)

Southwest Planning District
Box 27
Melita MB R0M 1L0
Phone: 204-522-3334
Fax: 204-522-8706
Email: walkerbandm@gmail.co (Secretary-Treasurer)

Swan Valley Planning District

216 Main Street West, Box 610
Swan River MB R0L 1Z0
Phone: 204-734-3344
Fax: 204-734-3701
Email: lwilliamson@munswanvalleywest.com (Secretary-Treasurer)
Email: svpddo@mts.net (Development Officer)

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Tanner’s Crossing Planning District
Box 1072
Minnedosa MB R0J 1E0
Phone: 204-867-2364
Fax: 204-867-5543
Email: tcpd@mymts.net

Thompson Planning District
226 Mystery Lake Road
Thompson MB R8N 1S6
Phone: 204-677-7951
Fax: 204-677-7981
Email: amcinnis@thompson.ca (City Manager)
Email: tparobec@thompson.ca (Secretary)

Trans Canada West Planning District
Box 2649
Virden MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204-748-1239
Fax: 204-748-3450
Email: corynixon@live.ca (Secretary-Treasurer)

Tri-Roads Planning District
Box 10
Russell MB R0J 1W0
Phone: 204-773-2253
Fax: 204-773-3370
Email: mrowat@mrbgov.com (Secretary-Treasurer)

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Western Interlake Planning District
Box 269
St. Laurent MB R0C 2S0
Phone: 204-646-2615
Fax: 204-646-4150
Email: wipd@mymts.net

White Horse Plains Planning District
Box 117
Elie MB R0H 0H0
Phone: 204-353-2214
Fax: 204-353-2335
Email: virginia@rm-cartier.mb.ca (Secretary-Treasurer)

Whitemouth Reynolds Planning District
Box 248
Whitemouth MB R0E 2G0
Phone: 204-348-2221
Fax: 204-348-2576
Email: adminassistant@rmwhitemouth.com

Winnipeg River Planning District
Box 70
St. Georges MB R0E 1V0
Phone: 204-367-6160
Fax: 204-367-6166
Email: wrpd@rmalexander.com

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