Mental Health and Addictions Strategy

Improving access and coordinating Manitoba's broad continuum of services and supports is critical in addressing mental illness and addiction in our province.

conversation [image]Manitoba is undertaking the development of a focused provincial Mental Health and Addictions (MHA) strategy to look at ways to improve mental health and addictions services.

Consultation Process

VIRGO Planning and Evaluation Consultants Inc. has been contracted to support the development of a strategic plan. The team is being led by Dr. Brian Rush, with co-lead Adair Roberts, and includes consultants Dr. Amy Cheung, April Furlong, Jonathan Ramirez, Peter Butt and Dr. Chris Mushquash.

Dr. Rush and his team will build on the various reports, analysis and other documents already conducted within the province. The previous reports, combined with the additional consultation methods will inform the current state report. The process will also include:

  • Literature and Evidence Review
  • Review of current state documents
  • Current state consultations and site-visits
  • Online surveys
  • Data review
  • Planning events

In addition, consultations with health providers and other agencies that provide services and supports are taking place in each of the province's health regions to explore access and coordination of mental health and addiction services. In addition to general mental health and addictions systems, each consultation period includes a specific emphasis to capture the diversity of experiences.

Below are the scheduled consultation times and locations.

July 25-28, 2017

Primary focus on Winnipeg and Southern regional mental health services, community mental health / addictions agencies
Emphasis on mental health and addictions services

Sept. 11-15, 2017

Primary focus on Northern mental health and addiction services, northern health, Interlake Eastern mental health services, and residential care.
Emphasis on Indigenous peoples experiences

Sept. 19-22, 2017

Primary focus on Winnipeg based addiction services, MATC, Prairie Mountain regional mental health / addiction services, and meetings with persons with lived experiences
Emphasis on youth services and persons/families with lived experiences