Manitoba Patient Safety Framework (2015)

"" The Manitoba government has launched an updated five-year framework to guide work and further enhance patient safety across the province.

The Manitoba Patient Safety Framework (2015) includes a vision for a safe, high-quality health care system and sets out the strategic direction to guide patient safety improvements in the health care delivery system over the next five years. Work will be undertaken in five key areas, including:

  • supporting a client-centred focus, including enhancing patient and family-centered care;
  • enhancing transparency and accountability, developing trust and open communications between health-care providers, patients and the public, and public reporting of cases, performance and trends;
  • improving governance and leadership, such as ensuring a visible commitment to patient safety at the highest levels and throughout the system;
  • continuously improving clinical services, with targeted strategies to improve patient safety and the way care is delivered to reduce the risk of patients being harmed; and
  • developing organizational cultures that support continuous learning and improving, rather than blaming.

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