Reporting Link

To report an allegation of abuse or neglect, please click on the link below:

Please click on abuse to report an allegation of abuse. Examples include hitting, pushing, kicking, slapping, spitting, etc.

Please click on neglect to report an allegation of neglect. Examples include improper transfers, toileting issues, withholding of care, improper restraints, etc.

In the form you will note a number of fields with green asterisks beside them. These are mandatory fields and must be completed for the form to be submitted to the PPCO. Non mandatory fields (i.e. without the green asterisk) do not need to be completed though the PPCO encourages anyone completing a form to provide as much information as possible.

To be successfully submitted, the form must be completed in one session. There is no ability to save or submit a partially completed form.

Once all fields are complete click submit. If successful you will see a pop up thanking you for submitting a report.

Once the PPCO has reviewed and validated this report it will be assigned to an investigator for follow up. For those reports submitted on behalf of the facility, a copy of the report will be emailed back to the facility email indicated.

Reporter Email – For reports made on behalf of the facility, please provide the email address where you would like a copy of the report sent once validated by the PPCO. Please note that the PPCO will only send copies of validated reports to secure email servers. It will not send validated reports to public servers such as Gmail, Hotmail, MTS, or Shaw.

For questions regarding the form, please contact the PPCO at 204-788-6366.


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