Take-Home Naloxone Distribution Program

Program Communications

For concerns or communication with the program, please email naloxonekits@gov.mb.ca.


UPDATES - The former Overdose/Poisoning Response form has been replaced with an eForm: Take Home Naloxone Kit Use Report

Naloxone is a drug that temporarily reverses overdose (toxicity) caused by opioid drugs (such as fentanyl, heroin, morphine, hydromorphone). It is important to note that take-home naloxone itself does not replace the need to seek immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately if you suspect an overdose/drug toxicity.

Free take-home naloxone kits are available to members of the public who are at risk of opioid overdose (toxicity), and family or friends who may witness opioid toxicity.

Visit the Naloxone Finder - Take Home Program to find a distribution site. Please contact the site directly to confirm accessibility and details of service.

Naloxone (including intranasal form) is also available for free for First Nations and Inuit clients covered by the Federal Non-Insured Health Benefits Program.

Becoming a Take-Home Naloxone Distribution Site

In December 2020, the Province of Manitoba announced legislative changes to increase access to naloxone. As an unscheduled drug, naloxone can be accessed or sold without supervision from a health-care provider in any retail location.

Organizations that would like to distribute Take-Home Naloxone kits under this program can register as a distribution site. Sites open to the general public are priority. Sites that are not open to the public but serve specific priority populations will be considered on a case-by-case basis (e.g. emergency departments, correctional facilities, addictions/substance treatment programs). Fee for service organizations are not eligible Registration Forms will be reviewed by the Take-Home-Naloxone Program prior to approval. The following types of sites are eligible to register:

  • Health care provider sites (e.g. pharmacies, health centres or nursing stations, community health centres, hospital/emergency departments, public health offices, medical or primary care clinics)
  • Harm reduction and substance use service providers
  • Indigenous organizations/service providers
  • Other community-based organizations or outreach services sites uniquely positioned to reach and engage people at risk of opioid toxicity.

All sites must adhere to the Distribution Site Agreement. Click on the following link for the Distribution Site Agreement and Registration Form.

A training manual is available for distribution sites and others who wish to learn about overdose/poisoning prevention, recognition and response. Click on the following links to view or download the Training Manual, and the forms for distribution site ordering and reporting. For additional training resources, see Other Online Resources below.

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Naloxone for Use in the Workplace

Manitoba take-home naloxone kits are not available for use in the workplace. Intranasal and injectable formulations and supplies can be purchased from some community pharmacies.

  • Training for Workplaces: Group training sessions in Overdose Recognition and Response are available from most First Aid and CPR training organizations. St. John Ambulance offers free online training and resources in the React and Reverse program.
  • Naloxone for Health Care Providers: Health Care employees seeking naloxone for use in the workplace should speak to their employer. The Manitoba Take Home Naloxone program does not provide naloxone for use in the workplace.
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