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Industry Gathering Update

For decades, the Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention has been the primary industry-focused event of its kind in our province. Representatives of the geoscientific community, mining and exploration companies, service providers, Indigenous and northern communities, and government were able to gather once a year for a short time to discuss the latest successes, challenges and discoveries impacting our industry.

This year, the Convention will not be held as the department is reviewing all our programs to ensure the best use of resources. Going forward, the department intends to host smaller representative gatherings that allow our staff to share their geoscientific research and provide stakeholders the opportunity to come together and share their views directly with government to help shape a prosperous future for mining and exploration in Manitoba. To help guide this planning, and how future gatherings, meetings or events should be structured, a short survey is now available to give you the opportunity to share your views and thoughts with us directly. This feedback will be a key element in focusing these discussions on what truly matters to Manitoba's mining industry.

Together, we can address today's challenges facing our industry. And together, we can take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities, with the goal of benefiting all Manitobans.

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