Rare Metals in Manitoba

This compilation provides uniformly organized, summarized and up-to-date information on rare metal occurrences in the Province of Manitoba.

.Background Information

The accompanying summary reports, and their contained links, represent a geoscientific database that can be used by the mineral exploration industry to guide exploration decisions and by local governments for resource evaluations, land use planning and regional development programs.

Most of the geochemical data included herein was obtained from samples collected during site visits by the Manitoba Geological Survey (MGS). Also included are data from assessment files, company reports and university research, as available.

This compilation is intended to be an active online document that will be updated as new information becomes available. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the author (T. Martins).

Each report covers a specific location identified on the basis of geological attributes and previous work as having rare metal potential and includes summaries of:

  • exploration history (if documented)
  • geological setting
  • geology of the occurrence and nature of the mineralization
  • geochemical data
  • references

Free downloads of each summary report can be obtained by clicking on the map or by selecting from the list below:

Available in alternate formats upon request.


Click on blue symbols on map below to view the summary report for that area

Click blue symbols to view report Cinder Lake alkaline intrusive complex Burntwood Lake intrusive complex Brezden Lake intrusive complex Eden Lake carbonatite complex South Bay pegmatite field

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