The King's Printer is the official source of Government of Manitoba laws and publications since 1870.

The Manitoba King’s Printer - Statutory Publications is the central distribution centre for acts, regulations and other Legislative material, the Manitoba Gazette, the CCSM (Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba)

Manitoba acts and regulations are available free of charge online at the Manitoba Laws website and are deemed to be an official version unless otherwise indicated.

The public can access the Manitoba Laws website at The Legislative Library, Main Floor, 200 Vaughan Street in Winnipeg, the Legislative Reading Room in the Legislative Building at 450 Broadway in Winnipeg and the Millennium Library at 251 Donald Street in Winnipeg.

Print copies are available for purchase from the King's Printer. Please call ahead or send an e-mail for prices and to place an order.

Forms are also available online through these websites:

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