Standing Committee Membership

Committee Room

There are 11 Standing Committees of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba:

Agriculture and Food Justice Rules of the House
Crown Corporations Legislative Affairs Social and Economic Development
Human Resources Private Bills Statutory Regulations and Orders
Intergovernmental Affairs Public Accounts  

Each Standing Committee has 11 MLAs serving as Members of the Committee.

Our Standing Committees do not have permanent membership lists. The MLAs serving on each committee change from meeting-to-meeting, and this is determined on the day of each meeting by the caucuses. The Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons may also change from meeting-to-meeting.

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

The one exception to this practice is the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, which does have permanent membership. The current membership of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts is as follows:

  • Dougald Lamont
  • Tom Lindsey
  • Jim Maloway (Chairperson)
  • Shannon Martin
  • Brad Michaleski
  • Lisa Naylor
  • Dennis Smook
  • James Teitsma (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Mark Wasyliw
  • Ian Wishart
  • Len Isleifson

All Standing Committee meetings are announced by the Government House Leader.