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You come to us or we come to you - you decide!

The Classroom in the Legislature provides Manitobans with the opportunity to attend the Legislature Classroom in the Legislative Building, learn about our democratic process and role play how laws are made in Manitoba. The program combines discussion and interactive, fun games! The program varies according to the grade level. It has been extremely well-received by schools across the province.

This program is open to Grades 4 through 12 Social Studies educators and their students.


  • To broaden student and teacher understanding of our democratic system
  • To receive answers to questions, guidance and advice on parliamentary procedure
  • To provide a fun, informative and interactive method for learning about democracy and the system of government
  • To enable students and teachers to observe question period (if the House is in session)

Either you come to us or we come to you - whichever works the best! We can tailor the presentations in the Legislature Classroom or in your school to your needs - just let us know in advance if there are specific subject areas you would like us to cover.

The program introduces students to many facets of the parliamentary system. Through discussion and games, they learn about the three levels of government, the roles of the various MLAs within the Legislative Chamber, the connection to the Monarchy, and the law-making process in Manitoba. Students get to come up with an idea for a rule that they would like to see changed in their school and take it through all of the legislative stages allowing students to understand the process of making laws in Manitoba.

The Classroom at the Legislature is a non-partisan branch of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, under the auspices of the Office of the Speaker. Participants can expect a professionally run program presented by someone who is well-versed in the subjects of democracy and parliamentary procedure.

Advance booking is required.

We look forward to introducing you to the world of Parliamentary Procedure and Democracy!

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