Information for Superintendents


This sheet is intended for school Superintendents who have students applying for the Legislative Assembly Page Program. These facts are to help cover the questions that may arise when students are considering applying.

  • Applicants should provide a resume along with three references when applying.
  • Students when coming for their interview, should be dressed appropriately (dress pants and shirts) and be at their interview location at least five minutes prior to their scheduled interview time.
  • To help prepare for the questions students are likely to encounter in their interview, they should be encouraged to visit the Legislative Assembly website at Click on Legislative Assembly.
  • The interview is generally twenty minutes to one half hour long.
  • The interview board is made up of the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms and a representative from Human Resources.
  • There are seven "general knowledge" questions and three "situational" questions asked of each candidate.

The general knowledge questions require information regarding the Legislative Assembly. Answers can be easily attained through the internet and general information sources.

The situational questions are based on situations a Page might encounter on the job and each candidate is asked how they might react to the situation. These questions help the board determine decision-making ability, judgement and character of the individual.

  • Candidates, Teachers or Principals that have any questions about the program or the process, can contact: Teaghan Kuly, HR Consultant for Human Resource Services for the Legislative Assembly, at (204) 390-7742.