Virgo Report


In the spring of 2018, VIRGO Planning and Evaluation consultants provided a report to the Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness. The report's title is Improving Access and Coordination of Mental Health and Addictions Services: A Provincial Strategy for all Manitobans. It is more commonly known as the VIRGO Report.

The VIRGO Report includes 125 recommendations to improve access and coordination of mental health and addictions services.

The entire report is included here and can be downloaded as a pdf (256 pages). Separately, you can also download a pdf of the appendix (99 pages).

Thank you to everyone who participated in the sessions used to develop the strategy. Also, we appreciate those who have read and reviewed the VIRGO Report.

Since 2019, Manitoba has announced many initiatives that respond to the 125 recommendations. More than 52 projects have already been initiated, valued at more than $65 million. So far, 86.4% of the recommendations have been addressed, 42 fully and 66 partially. Manitoba is continuing to use a whole-of-government approach to improve mental health and addictions services. The Virgo Report's recommendations guide this work.