Carrier Profile

Manitoba Infrastructure strives to keep roadways safe for all road users through monitoring and enforcing safety standards in the motor carrier industry.

Your carrier profile provides an overview of your safety performance rating, using the Carrier Profile System (CPS). CPS uses your National Safety Code (NSC) number, which is shown on your truck and trailer registrations, to track all convictions, inspections and accidents incurred by anyone driving your regulated vehicle(s) in the last 24 month period.

The following information is collected from across North America. However, only incidents occurring in Canada are applied to your carrier profile and used in the calculation of the performance thresholds

General: Basic information about you or your company, such as: name, address, contact information, nature of business/organization, insurance information and fleet size.

Convictions: Convictions against both carriers and drivers, including moving violations, load securement violations, and unsafe vehicle equipment violations are assessed on the carrier profile. The same violation carries the same number of points no matter where the violation happened in Canada.

On-Road Vehicle Inspections: The results of Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections, are recorded on the carrier profile. Points are assessed if your driver or vehicle is placed out of service.

Accidents: All reportable accidents in any Canadian jurisdiction are recorded on the carrier profile. Points are assessed for at-fault accidents resulting in property damage, injury or fatality. No points are assessed if the driver of your NSC vehicle is not found at fault.

The carrier profile system is designed to identify higher risk carriers and to assist carriers in monitoring their own safety performance. This is accomplished by using the information on the carrier profile to calculate performance thresholds.

Points are assessed for convictions, out of service inspections and at-fault accidents. The more points you accumulate in any of these areas, the higher risk you are determined to be.

The performance threshold is determined by comparing your on-road performance with other carriers of the same average vehicle fleet size. Performance thresholds are as follows.

0 - 40% acceptable
41-64% minor attention required - first warning letter is sent
65-84% major attention required - second warning letter is sent
85% + departmental intervention - an audit is likely

You will need to call 204-945-5897 to receive your password. Once you have it, you can login to the Carrier Profile System. Please read and accept the terms before proceeding.

How to read the Carrier Profile Report

The Carrier Profile Report is made up of six sections: