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The Bay River Subdivision is a joint venture cottage development between the Province of Manitoba and Bay River Developments, a Manitoba corporation owned by Fisher River Cree Nation. The subdivision is comprised of 23 cottage lots on Crown land and 63 cottage lots on private land owned by Bay River Developments.

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Getting There

Located in the Interlake region, the Bay River subdivision is situated north of the Fisher River Cree Nation community along the west shore of Fisher Bay on Lake Winnipeg. The subdivision is approximately two hours north of Winnipeg, 200 km (124 miles) along Provincial Road 224 which is paved right up to the subdivision.

Location and Description of Subdivision

The subdivision is split into two areas, and includes lands owned by Bay River Developments and adjacent provincial Crown land. The subdivision includes 25 waterfront lots, 3 waterfront setback lots and 35 back tier lots developed on Bay River Developments private land and 23 cul de sac lots on Crown land. The lots are available for sale only.

The average lot size of the Crown land lots is 35m x 90m and the average lot size of the Bay River Developments private lots is approximately 35m x 80m. The subdivision is within a boreal region that includes mature aspen, birch, spruce and pine trees and has a beautiful sandy beach. The area is home to a wide variety of wildlife and a large variety of songbirds.

Unless otherwise specified by Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, the minimum cottage size will be 600 ft2. The maximum size is limited by the size of the lot to ensure there are appropriate distances from sides, front and back of each lot.


Local services and amenities include beach and boat launch area, fishing, golfing and curling.

Fire, ambulance and police services are available from the Fisher River Cree Nation.

The subdivision will be pre-serviced by Manitoba Hydro, and cellular telephone service will be available. The lot holder is responsible for contacting Manitoba Hydro directly to arrange and pay for cottage hook-up upon completion of pre-servicing. Hydro installation is scheduled for August 2011.

For all other inquiries please contact:

Sheldon Kowalchuk
Crown Land Management Specialist
75 – 7th Avenue
Gimli, MB R0C 1B0
Phone: 204-641-1176 Fax 204-642-6108