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Lake front lots are separated from the water by a natural Crown/Public Reserve that may vary from 30 to 91 metres (100 to 300 feet) in depth depending on location.

Little Deer

The landscape of the area is varied and includes areas of coniferous and mixed forests and limestone cliffs. The shoreline areas are generally cobbled and rocky. Marshes, bogs, fens and wet meadows provide for an abundance of wildlife for viewing and hunting. The area can accommodate a diverse range of recreational activities.


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Plan 44529 Part 1

Plan 44529 Part 2

Plan 44519

Getting There

The Little Deer Subdivision is located north of Beaver Creek Provincial Park along the west shore of Lake Winnipeg, approximately 177 km north of Winnipeg along PR 234, and is 100 km north of Gimli. Little Deer subdivision is located 49 km north of the junction of PR 234 and PTH 8. The junction of PR 234 and PTH 8 is 12 km north of Riverton(junction of PTH 8 and PR 329). PR 234 is a gravel road and the subdivision access is located approximately 15 km north for Phase II (Plan 44529) and approximately 18 km north for Phase 1 (Plan 44519) of the entrance of Beaver Creek Provincial Park. The subdivision is approximately 2 hours drive north of Winnipeg.

Location and Description of Subdivision

The subdivision is split into two areas, the first being a 110-lot subdivision (Plan 44529) is the southernmost portion of this subdivision and the second area being a 10-lot subdivision (Plan 44519) which is located further north. There are seven entrances to Phase II (Plan 44529) and two entrances to Phase I (Plan 44519) off PR 234.

The subdivision design has provided for natural buffer space between the front lot lines and the lakeshore. The average lot size is 30m x 50m (98ft x 164ft) but may vary due to topographical limitations or other requirements. The shoreline of the subdivision varies between plated limestone and boulder armored shoreline. There is a Federal Harbour located at Calder's Dock approximately 10 km from the north end of the subdivision. The harbor is operated by the Pine Dock Harbour Authority. There is a public beach located approximately 15 km away at Beaver Creek Provincial Park.


The Little Deer subdivision has road access off PR 234 onto the subdivision access road. Local services and amenities are found in the Town of Riverton about 40 minutes south or in the Town of Arborg or Gimli, a one hour drive. There are limited services available at Pine Dock and Matheson Island located north of the subdivision. The subdivision is pre-serviced by Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS). The lot holder is responsible for contacting Manitoba Hydro and MTS directly to arrange and pay for cottage hook-up.

Contact for information and permits:

Sheldon Kowalchuk
Crown Land Management Specialist
75 – 7th Avenue
Gimli, MB R0C 1B0
Phone: 204-641-1176 Fax 204-642-6108