Eden Lake

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Eden Lake

Average Lot Size: 30 m x 45 m (may vary)

Getting There

The subdivision is located approximately 995km (620 miles) northwest of Winnipeg. Access to the subdivision is via PR 391, 40km northwest of Leaf Rapids. The subdivision is approximately 1.5km south of PR 391. The lots are accessible by boat from a boat launch at the Eden Lake Wayside or by quad/snowmobile trail located on the west side of the lake.

Location and Description of Subdivision

The 13-lot subdivision can be accessed by boat from a boat launch located at the Eden Lake Wayside or by quad/snowmobile trail located on the west shore of the northwest arm of the lake. The average lot size is 30m x 45m but may vary due to topography or other requirements. The design has provided a natural buffer space between the front lot lines and the lakeshore. There is a public boat launch located approximately 10km away by boat. There is no public beach at this subdivision.


Local services and amenities can be found in the community of Leaf Rapids approximately 30 minutes to the south, or in the community of Lynn Lake, 65km north on PR 391. Both communities provide medical services (hospital/dental) and RCMP access. Thompson is the largest nearby urban center located approximately 218km southeast of Leaf Rapids. Manitoba Hydro and MTS services are not available at this subdivision.

Contact for information and permits

David Hastman
Crown Land Management Specialist
59 Elizabeth Drive
Thompson, MB R8N 1X4
Phone: 204-679-0987  Fax 204-677-6359
Email: david.hastman@gov.mb.ca