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Big Island Site 1

Big Island Lake has an average depth of 20 metres (66ft) with deep areas approaching 46 metres (151ft). The lake has a north-south orientation approximately 9 km long and 3 km wide encompassing a surface area of 10,550 m2 (1, 055 ha). Big Island has a dominant island feature covering 4,510,000 m2 (451 ha). Fish species include pike, walleye, burbot, whitefish and lake trout.

Attractions include the Grass River Corridor, a historic fur trade route, petting zoo, boat rides on Amisk Lake, Flinty's Boardwalk which spans half the town of Flin Flon, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting operation tours, the unique Limestone Crevasses near Denare Beach, and the Grass River and Bakers Narrows Provincial Park.

The region's numerous lakes are clear and deep supporting a tremendous fishery resource. Walleye, burbot, jackfish, monster lake trout, which may exceed 40 pounds and other species are available for the avid fisherman. The area is a favourite location for hunters who can find plentiful large game in the picturesque boreal forests that surrounded the area. Moose, bear, white tailed deer, woodland caribou, as well as many species of waterfowl are often spotted in the area.





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26605 PLTO

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43828 PLTO

Getting There

The Big Island Lake subdivision is located on Big Island Lake approximately 720 km northwest of Winnipeg, or approximately 5 km south of Flin Flon along PTH 10.

Location and Description of Subdivision

Big Island Lake has direct road access, however, the lots are located on an island directly across from the boat launch and are boat accessible only. The average lot size is 33m x 48m (108ft x 157ft) but may vary due to the topography and other requirements. The subdivision design has provided for natural buffer space between the front lot lines and the lakeshore. The nearest beach/boat launch is located 1 km away at Big Island Lake.


Local services and amenities, including the Flin Flon Municipal airport, RCMP, and hospital are provided five minutes away in Flin Flon. Additional recreational opportunities are available 10 minutes south at Lake Athapapuskow and Bakers Narrows Provincial Park. The community of Cranberry Portage on Lake Athapapuskow's east shore is located 40 minutes south (approximately 40 km).There are no Manitoba Hydro or Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) at this subdivision.

Flin Flon is located five minutes north of Big Island Lake and offers many of the same amenities and services that are provided by Winnipeg or Brandon. Known as a mining/industrial community, Flin Flon also supports and promotes many recreational, cultural and tourism activities throughout the entire year.

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