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Send us your thoughts on this exhibit. We would love to hear what you thought of the records featured here. What are your impressions of Alexander Kennedy’s story and his contribution to the history of Manitoba? E-mail us at Your comments may be included on this page.

Read some comments we’ve received:

I was delighted to read the archive material on Alexander Kennedy and, in particular, the documents related to his time at Albany. 
For some time, I have been researching my family history and I have discovered that I am a direct descendant of James Morrison who was born in Orkney but worked as a blacksmith and boat builder for the Hudson's Bay Company in Albany factory for many decades.  I believe this is the "Morrison" referred to in the Albany post journal around the time of Kennedy's factory.  The snapshot of day-to-day life as recorded on your website gives some fascinating insight into the life of my ancestors and, for a family historian, is deeply rewarding.  Thanks to the project team for making such archived resources available to the public across the globe. 
As an additional point, the use of the joint Christian names "William Copland" have permeated through James Morrison's UK descendants and originate from his son William Morrison who was born in Canada around 1830 but returned to Scotland during the 1850's.  It has been a bit of a mystery as to where this name occurs as there is no evidence of a Copland in the family line.  However, the Kennedy archives might have solved this - there appears to have been a Copland (or Coupland) working at the Albany Factory and occasionally closely with James Morrison.  This could well be the missing link! 
Many thanks,
Stephen G. Auld
London, UK

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